Automatic Truck Side Steps

Automatic truck side steps are a fantastic solution for lessening the complications of getting in and out of your truck. They provide a convenient step to give you that extra boost so badly needed when you use your truck. Side steps complement the look of your truck as well because they are not full-length like; running boards or nerf bars. Aluminum and steel truck side steps will securely mount to most popular trucks. There are even those on the market that are modifiable to oblige all truck sizes, whether you drive a small pickup or a huge heavy-duty off road vehicle.

Regardless of the convenience of automatic side steps for trucks, some of you might feel that nerf bars and running boards are the better answer for your needs in both style and appearance. It’s no secret that some people do enjoy the full-length look of sleek running boards, while others prefer the polished look of nerf bars. Nonetheless, there are others who prefer not to deal with any of it, and truck side steps are the perfect answer for their needs. A truck side step offers the identical functionality of running boards or nerf bars; however, they are smaller and require less space on your truck.


The automatic truck side step expands when you need it and withdraws when not in use. You can affix truck side steps to factory mounting positions along the entire length of your truck and occasionally to the bed or under the tailgate, permitting better access to objects in your cargo space. Produced from aluminum or a comparable metal, many truck side steps include a raised stepping tread or ridged stepping surface. To sum it up, automatic truck side steps are a great investment for both convenience and functionality.


Automatic side steps for trucks automatically slide into place when you open your vehicle door, offering convenience and safety to drivers and passengers when entering and exiting your truck. When the doors are shut the side step automatically withdraws out of sight, waiting for the next time service calls. Ideal for lifted and off-road applications, these automatic side steps for trucks will not compromise ground clearance like the bulkier step assistance models for trucks. The side step design is resistant to grime and various weather conditions and maintains a solid state circuitry feature with a safety part that prevents outside objects from interrupting the side step’s functioning.


  • Low-profile, integrated LED light system. The system automatically lights up the step surface when door are opened
  • Super strength, die-cast aluminum alloy linkage arms, anodized and Teflon finish to prevent corrosion
  • Precision and low to zero maintenance stainless-steel pivot pins
  • Extended aluminum steps with a textured powder-coat veneer for the ultimate grip and toughnessHeavy-duty, weatherproof motor and drive system with anti-pinch technology for secure, all year round reliance

A generous warranty

There are a number of choices to choose from when it comes to automatic side steps for trucks. It’s difficult not to consider the appearance of your truck and how your new side steps will affect the overall aesthetics of your vehicle. There’s no need to worry, there are enough styles, sizes, and types to suit any truck model on the market today.

We already mentioned that automatic side steps for trucks offer physical assistance when getting in and out of your vehicle. In addition, there’s less pressure on the legs and your step is more secure, which helps to prevent any mishaps that would come about due to the inability to enter your vehicle in a secure manner. What’s more, installation of most automatic side steps for trucks is not overly complicated and requires very little technical skills.


Automatic side steps for trucks are a perfect option for many trucks, especially in the currently market where trucks and SUV’s are higher than previous models. Side steps have a number of benefits. Those include:

  • A secure and safe step in all types of climates
  • A unique look for your vehicle
  • You can find them in various models
  • Stainless steel choices to capitalize on rust protection
  • Security for stepping in and out of vehicles
  • Reasonably priced
  • No complicated drilling for installation


Side steps come with various safety features to guarantee the security of your family and friends while getting in and out of your truck. Most side steps provide a wide step with treaded pads, permitting fantastic gripping opportunities regardless of the weather. The grooved design of the surface allows the water to siphon or drain off from the surface; thereby, preventing slips. The treaded surface is functional throughout the lifetime of the side step. Moreover, the non-slip surface is ideal for all individuals getting in and out of the truck including seniors and children. Your step is secure without the unit damaging your truck.


You will find a broad range of automatic side steps for trucks. Each is designed to meet your precise needs.

Nerf Bars

This type of side step comes in black chrome, stainless steel for various pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans. There are several main types of nerf bars-side steps on the market today.

  • Oval Nerf Bars: Broader than the usual round nerf bar, the oval model
  • permits for more stepping room when going in and out of your vehicle.
  • Cab-Length Nerf Bars: This is the most popular step choice. This model extends the length of your cab, offering the additional boost for each row of seating in your heavy-duty vehicle.
  • Wheel to Wheel Nerf Bars: This type of side step extends from one wheel to the other on each side of the truck, offering a step-up for each door entry including a step to get into the bed of the vehicle

Running Boards

Running boards give your heavy-duty vehicle a quality appearance and offer a broad step area for area for secure footing. These running boards or long side step for heavy-duty trucks are slip-resistant with secure skid pads and bespoke mounting brackets to ensure an ideal fit. The running boards can be bought in pairs and available for many late model trucks and SUVs. Moreover, running boards have molded end-caps to provide you with a one-of-a-kind appearance.


Side steps for trucks maintain their strength via high quality, hardwearing materials utilized to construct thick, steel tubing or step. However, you can find a variety of materials for automatic side steps for trucks such as extra thick tubes with a reflective stainless steel veneer, and powder coated mounting hardware. The stainless steel used for side steps allows a heavier weight capacity, while continuing the evenly finished, bespoke appearance that fits perfectly with your truck’s design.

There are three and four-inch round bars side steps available with powder coated mounting hardware and a shiny powder coat black veneer adding an even, sleek style to your truck.

Plastic molded side steps incorporate slip resistant technology constructed into safety skid pads and customized mounting brackets to ensure the proper fit for your truck. The width of a well-made automatic side step for trucks will provide a secure and safe footing.


There are a number of choices when it comes to choosing a side step for your truck. Things to keep in mind when making your decision include:


When selecting the length for your side step, check to see where you will need it the most. If you want secure and reliable footing, make certain that your side step is long enough for comfortable footing.

If you get in and out of your truck more times a day than the average person; for example, if you use your truck for work, an automatic side step that extrudes flawlessly and quickly but hides out of sight when not in use, is the best choice. If you are carrying something heavy, you don’t want a side step that may or may not open or opens slowly as this can cause mishaps.

Weight Capability:>

Side steps have an adequate amount of weight capability, at least several hundred pounds. This is more than enough to hold a person’s footing and is sufficient when loading objects on top of a truck or in the bed of a truck. However, for larger weights a longer side step may prove more reliable.

Which Will Work Best For You?

Black powder coated or stainless steel are the most popular options for automatic truck side steps. Whether you prefer a shiny, reflective finish or a more muted look, one of the two choices will fit perfectly with your truck’s style.

Automatic side steps for trucks is one of the most practical accessories for trucks and a good investment for any truck owner. They are not only convenient, but practical, economical, and safe.