With the way trucks are designed these days, getting onto the rear bed of the vehicle can be tedious especially when you're not blessed with long legs. Enter the BedSteps produced and developed by AMP Research. This vehicle accessory is designed to allow for easier access to cargo stashed on the truck bed. This device is simply one of those products that makes people wonder, "Why didn't I think of that before?"

It's a no-brainer. AMP Research takes pride in developing products that are innovative and yet logical. It's only logical to develop a platform that you can install onto a truck to make it easy for you to climb on it but oddly, no one has bothered to come up with an idea like this before. For the past twenty-five years, the company has constantly surprised consumers with its logical and simple ingenuity.

The platform

The BedStep is essentially a platform that you can install under your truck's bumper so that it serves as a platform for you to step on to access the truck bed. It is black anodized and coated with Teflon for durability. The product is also made of aluminum alloy and has a non-skid ribbed surface so you don't accidentally slip while stepping on it even under harsh weather conditions.

It doesn't get in the way

Because this product is designed to be installed and attached to the truck, one main consumer concern is that it may get in the way or make rattling noises when the truck is moving. AMP Research made sure to address this issue by designing the BedSteps in such a way that it can be tucked under the bumper and? out of anybody's way when it's not in use. It doesn't take so much space either so you can still attach other hitch-mounted accessories onto the trailer.

Installation and use

It only takes an average of twenty minutes to install the BedSteps as it is just a purely bolt-on device that doesn't require high end gadgets. You can use whatever is in your toolbox for this purpose. To get it out, all you need to do is nudge the platform with your foot and it would spring out of your bumper.

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