Deployable Factory Running Boards

Deployable Factory Running Boards are fully extendable, robust, deployable running-boards that dutifully disappear under any truck or SUV when not in use. After shutting your heavy-duty vehicle door, there is nothing to demonstrate that Deployable Factory Running Boards are even part of your vehicle’s makeup! This is a great advantage because Deployable Factory Running Boards stay out of sight while your vehicle maintains its sleek and uncluttered appearance.

In addition, for those who go off-road, there is no need to be concerned about ground clearance. Unlike stationary running-boards, Deployable Factory Running Boards stay free from mud, debris, and grime. During this time, your deployable running-boards are obediently waiting for your command via the opening of any vehicle doors. Ergonomically designed, the Deployable Factory Running Boards operates smoothly without fits and starts; thereby, making it even more secure for users to enter and exit their vehicle securely.


Deployable Factory Running Boards are available for most full-sized trucks and late-model SUVs, both domestic and imported. Popular vehicles that utilize Deployable Factory Running Boards include Chevy Avalanche and Silverardos, GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan, Cadillac Escalade, and many more. Furthermore, Deployable Factory Running Boards are innovate necessities for the automotive industry.


  • Reliable and sturdy construction
  • Hinges produced from stainless steel
  • Lightweight
  • Width and height is designed for easy use after being deployed
  • Extends quickly once the vehicle door is opened
  • Total-strength extruded aluminum-boards with die cast manufactured aluminum linkage-assemblies
  • Functioning is blocked to deter unfamiliar objects getting trapped whenever the deployable running-boards are closing due to the anti-pinch feature
  • The Deployable Factory Running Boards operate smoothly via door sensors
  • These running-boards can withstand significant amounts of weight and work impeccably in numerous weather conditions
  • Deployable Factory Running Boards include left and right-side running boards assemblies, mounting hardware, OEM quality wiring harness, control module, and a complete installation guide.


Deployable running-boards are technologically designed to work under vast conditions while staying true to their purpose. Being tested in various severe environmental driving conditions, the Deployable Factory Running Boards are a dependable necessity for heavy-duty vehicle owners. With a lightweight sturdy construction, these running-boards are manufactured from top-quality aluminum, coated with a black-oxide and Teflon veneer for complete oxidization fortification. Superb acting bearings and stainless steel hinge-points offer problem free functioning. Additionally, the reliable electric motor is produced and tested to provide stanch, maintenance free performance for a long time to come.

Deployable Factory Running Boards have proven to be a great benefit to women as well. Women feel more secure due to the running-board’s secure construction. Women are driving heavy-duty trucks more often today than before, and many experts believe that this is because more women are managing their own businesses and require larger vehicles to transport supplies to clients.

Deployable Factory Running Boards fit the taste of women truck and SUV drivers perfectly. With their sleek, up-to-date design and functionality, deployable running-boards have become a "dependable automotive friend” for heavy-duty vehicle drivers that are women.


Innovation is what keeps industries moving, and the automotive industry is no different. Deployable Factory Running Boards have given the auto industry that additional step into modern technology for heavy-duty usability and comfort.