Disappearing Running Boards

Invest In Disappearing Running Boards, You'll Be Glad You Did. There are many things in life you can do without, but why should you? If you have a heavy-duty truck or SUV you’ve probably been through the ups and downs of uncomfortably entering and exitingyour vehicle. If you think you can do without Disappearing Running Boards exclusively available from AMP Research at Electricstep.com, you’re kidding yourself.

Disappearing Running Boards are akin to heavy-duty vehicles like oil is to your engine. These uniquely designed running boards have become a necessity if you are looking for a smooth operation when it comes to entering and exiting your truck.

When it comes to Disappearing Running Boards, AMP Research doesn’t fail to impress. You’ve probably seen it all, chains and rungs, nerf bars, brackets, and nearly everything that can just about wipe out your ground clearance or provide diminished functionality. This type of running board is sleek, and effortlessly disappears beneath the body of your truck maintaining all, except an inch at most, of ground clearance. Moreover, they pullout and retract in roughly 1-second flat! To add to the brilliance, these running boards extend the entire length of your vehicle’s cab doors. This way, there’s no need to worry about any miscalculations when you step inside or outside your vehicle.


The Disappearing Running Board is activated by an electronic-signal that functions via the vehicle’s factory door-sensors. They then protrude and retract to a comfortable stepping height in approximately one-second. The power for these superbly designed running boards is generated by a pair of heavy-duty, extremely powerful, weather resistant motors. The running board is lowered whenever it senses any door has been opened and withdraws when any door is closed. They are designed to adjust to an ergonomic elevation for the best suited entering and exiting without impeding ground clearance. In fact, Disappearing Running Boards offers a natural step not much unlike the steps found within your home. All running board mechanisms are OEM designed of the highest quality and decay resistant, offering many years of service. The AMP Research Disappearing Running Board uniquely offered at electric step.com operates flawlessly in any type of climate and is structured to endure up to 600-lbs of weight per side.

Feature Overview:

The Disappearing Running Board is triggered by a signal that electronically operates via the vehicle’s factory installed door-sensors

  • Conveniently extends to a height in roughly one-second for entering and exiting a vehicle
  • The running boards retract behind the rocker-panels beneath the heavy-duty vehicle without loosing any ground clearance when doors are opened
  • -Each running board can handle up to 600-lbs
  • Anti-pinch technology with heavy-duty, weatherproof motor
  • Actually tested in various conditions and evaluated for use in extreme climates ranging from below freezing to extreme heat
  • OEM quality, decay resistant components created for a smooth operation
  • Incorporates wiring, attachment hardware, and instruction manual
  • Generous warranty

    What makes Disappearing Running Boards so special? Well first of all, they are there when you need them and disappear when you don’t! It’s really that simple. These running boards designed exclusively by AMP Research and offered by Electricstep.com, takes your vehicle’s flexibility and operational abilities to the next level by supplying guaranteed stepping security when going in-and-out of your vehicle. Your work is minimal. All you have to do is open your car door and like magic, the running boards that disappeared previously suddenly appear again! With the simple addition of "magic steps” like the Disappearing Running Boards, you automatically add aesthetic appeal to your vehicle. Not only that, your vehicle becomes more valuable because the addition of running boards is a practical step.

    You’ve probably noticed those unsightly protruding running boards that remain eternally in view making a vehicle appear clumpy and unsophisticated. These running boards are on a whole other level, hence the name "Disappearing Running Boards.” Running boards are a cool feature to add to your vehicle because they are useful and certainly worth the investment. With this simple addition to your pick-up, your worries are over when you or family members need to get in and out. The only requirement is to open the door! Keep in mind, with this easy add-on to your vehicle, ground clearance is never sacrificed.

    Made from durable, strapping aluminum, Disappearing Running Boards designed by AMP Research offers a broad, flat, stepping surface, giving passengers an easy enter and exit footing, extending ten to twelve inches in a secure, ergonomic form. With stupendous strength and state-of-the-art design, they also feature an LED light system for nighttime stepping. These running boards are what Rolls Royce means to engines or in layman’s terms, "what ketchup means to French fries.” What’s more, you can be rest assured that your innovative vanishing running boards are made to last and withstand the harshest outdoor activities.

    To make excellent even better, if that’s possible, AMP Research adds an optional feature called a "plug-and-play” system, which can be obtained for special models. This mechanism uses a provided electrical-harness that plugs straight into your OBD-II port, which provides the power to the running board itself. This feature alone can drastically decrease installation time by over 90-minutes! This is because there’s no longer the need to splice the factory or detach the door panels. With an accessible pass-through-harness at your disposal, it’s possible to continue to enjoy complete access to your OBD-II port, even with the running board plugged in.


    Make the right move by making your vehicle more functional by equipping it with Disappearing Running Boards. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your running boards are supported by a fantastic warranty together with superb design and functionality. Just think, in a matter of seconds after opening your vehicle door, your running boards will be at your service. The concept is simple but revolutionary, and it works!

    Electricstep.com offers the best Disappearing Running Boards on the market designed by yours truly, AMP Research. If you’re looking for a clean appearance, great ground-clearance, and an ergonomic mechanism to make getting out in-and-out of your heavy-duty a breeze, these running boards are for you. These running boards are the only way to go if you’re looking to improve the performance of your vehicle. Electricstep.com has earned a pristine reputation due to the quality automotive accessory products they offer, the superb handling of their many customers, and of course, their great prices. The choice is easy, now all you have to do is make the move. Contact Electricstep for more information about their incredible AMP Research running boards and more!