Dodge Ram Running Boards

The AMP Research team has done it again, this time providing an additional PowerStep component known as the Dodge RAM Running Boards. The Dodge Ram running boards are fully automatic, they activate with an electronic signal coming from the vehicle's already-installed door sensors and it extends into a level that is conveniently above the ground for easier foot access. Dodge Ram running boards are activated as soon as you open the door, are made of materials that are known to resist corrosion, and are of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality to make sure that they are of good quality when you purchase them. Therefore, you are assured that your running board can survive various wear and tear conditions to provide you with assistance in entering and exiting your vehicle for a very long time.

Since the running board extends into a level just right for your foot to access it, it would just seem as if you are climbing up a step from your stairs at home, providing you with comfort and ease. It can resist various types of weather conditions so you can be sure that the Dodge Ram running boards can still activate even when it is stormy, extremely cold or extremely hot outside.

Since it is retractable and can hide itself underneath your vehicle's body once you shut the door, you do not have to worry about it getting scraped against other vehicles or against your legs, or even picking up dirt and grime when it is hidden, you will never even know that it is still under your car when the door is closed.

The material of the running board is activated with a motor that is weatherproof. And with its anti-pinch feature, you will not have to worry about it malfunctioning because of little flukes while activating or retracting back underneath your vehicle. The PowerStep running board for your Dodge Ram can support weight up to 600 pounds, proving it to be the best and sturdiest running board being sold in the market today.

Installation of the Dodge Ram running boards is very easy. An installation/instruction guide is included in the package when you order your running board from ElectricStep ( Plus, shipping is free of charge,? you will get it delivered right to your home's doorstep. An installation/instruction manual is also available for download online just in case you misplace or lose the installation manual.

So why settle for a cheap running board that easily breaks and cannot even support your weight when you can purchase something that is more trusted by your vehicle make's manufacturer? The PowerStep running boards are available for Dodge Ram model years ranging from 2002 up to 2007.