Dodge Running Boards

Dodge, as one of the best vehicle makes in the market today, is providing you with exclusive Dodge Running Boards as additional components for your Dodge trucks and SUVs. PowerStep now serves as Dodge running boards. The running boards were designed by the brilliant minds from AMP Research and are being brought to you by ElectricStep.

How they work

Dodge running boards are automatic, therefore, giving you more convenience and providing you with more efficiency when it comes to getting inside or outside your vehicle. The automatic running board is powered by a signal that is electronic in nature coming from your vehicle's already-installed door sensors. When the door is opened, the running board extends from underneath your vehicle's body and lowers in its proper level just high enough from the ground to support your footing, and it retracts back underneath your vehicle's body again when you shut the door.

Dodge running boards are activated using weatherproof and heavy-duty motors. They are made of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality materials and are resistant to any kind of corrosive condition, therefore providing you with more usage upon entering and exiting your vehicle.

Since it retracts back underneath your vehicle, you do not have to worry about the running board getting caught in any kind of road obstacle because it stays in place there when not in use. When in use, however, the running board is sturdy and stationary enough to support even a person who weighs 600 pounds, just imagine what could possibly happen if you buy another kind of running board for your Dodge made up of cheap materials that can easily corrode, break or get damaged!

Dodge running boards are also weatherproof, so you can be sure that you can count on it to still work properly even during extreme hot or cold weather situations. Every board has been tested at severe temperature extremes to assure you of good and sturdy quality. Do not worry about it collecting grime from the road, too. Powered by a motor that is weatherproof and with its rubber having anti-pinch features, your running board can truly stand the tests of time and weather, saving you money and unnecessary stress,? something you will be getting a lot of when you buy a cheaper one that easily breaks. Furthermore, the running board activates and extends as low as your foot could reach; it would seem like you are just going up a step on your stairs at home but with an instant boost.

How to purchase

The Dodge PowerStep running boards can be ordered from ElectricStep's website ( Shipping is totally free ? the running boards will be delivered right to your home's doorstep for your extra convenience.

The running board also comes with an instruction manual that guides you throughout the installation of this extra component for your vehicle. You may install the running board by yourself but it is still highly-recommended that you let a professional do the installation to assure you of sturdiness when it comes to the running board's performance. Do not worry about losing or misplacing the instruction manual, though, because instruction and installation manuals are ready for download on the website. The running boards are available for Dodge vehicle years 2002 to 2007.