Electric Running Boards

Collisions are not the only cause of car accidents. In fact, significant number of cases of vehicle-related misfortunes are non-violent and does not involve another party. How? Pain and ailments from the abnormal built of rides like SUVs and trucks are quite common, most especially on the simple act of entering and leaving the said vehicles.

With height identified as the problem, AMP Research came to a solution: AMP electric running boards. These boards are the answer to bad backs and missteps that can result to a chipped nail to a fracture leg, giving support and assistance to passengers of big cars.

How it works

The AMP electric running boards both protects and assists people in vehicles like SUVs and trucks by imitating a "stair" rung where they can step on in order to have an easier time accessing such cars. These electric running boards are placed under the doors, operated through electric signals that a little sensory motor attached on the vehicle's entrance can detect. Hence, it automatically lowers itself whenever the door opens or closes.

And because these electric running boards are programmed to operate by itself, it is also expected that it can also retract without outside interference. The board itself is ample: sturdy aluminum material, wide foot area, and all-weather durability. Its construction is so strong that it can hold up to 600 lbs. and can extend downward from 10" to 12" in length. Aside from the sufficient space given for balanced footing, the electric running boards are also tested under extreme weather conditions, from -40°F to +200°F, and the boards survived the tremendous pressures they were subjected into.

Wonders of research

The impressive record of AMP electric running boards is largely due to the wealth of research conducted in order to draw up its initial make-up and design. The group behind these electric running boards puts importance to the physical structure of humans, using it as their framework in conceptualizing and making the blueprint for their next project.

And aside from using the body as a benchmark, scientists behind electric running boards also assess their creations by using human subjects. In the case of these boards, people of varying weight, height, and age were gathered and asked to test the strength and comfort that the electric running boards can provide. This is why the measurement and structure of this product is reliable since it is already familiar to human use and abuse.

Additional features

These AMP electric running boards are made to fit a range of trucks and SUVs from different manufacturers, namely, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Lincoln, and Nissan. And if some faults are detected in one's electric running boards, each purchase includes a three-year warranty. In order to avoid any untoward complications, it is best to have these boards professionally installed.

Electric Running Boards