Hidden Running Boards

Getting in-and-out of your truck or SUV has been made easier due to Hidden Running Boards that make it a breeze to use your vehicle with style and comfort. Electricstep.com offers AMP Research running boards, the best in the automotive business. Even if you’re driving a van, you will find the best choice for running boards, which is usually the AMP Research brand. Any heavy-duty vehicle will receive a boost when Hidden Running Boards are installed. They not only make your vehicle more useful, running boards add an aesthetic appeal regardless of the manufacturer’s original vehicle design. Not only that, these running boards are produced from the best quality materials.


Since the dawn of the heavy-duty vehicle, running boards have been the automotive accessory most drivers turn to in order to get better use out of their vehicle. In fact, running boards are considered the most useful and versatile piece of equipment you can add to your truck. What’s new about the running board is the Hidden Running Board that ensures that your vehicle keeps its sleek style without looking clumpy and over-the-top. Because of their robust nature and their ability to last the lifetime of the vehicle, Hidden Running Boards designed by AMP Research are the best the market has to offer.

Keep in mind, that running boards are used constantly and therefore must stand up to the test of time. Therefore, getting in-and-out of your high clearance vehicle must remain a smooth operation. Hidden Running Boards will provide a safe stepping system for entering and leaving your vehicle. In addition, they offer a non-slip, easy to grip area to put your feet. No matter what the weather, dirt, snow, ice, mud, sleet, or rain, and anything else the road can throw at you, the elements are no-match for AMP Research’s running boards.

Hidden Running Boards offer a variety of features such as:

  • Enhancement of your overall driving experience
  • Electric options that permits the retraction when your door closes, and extends when your door opens
  • LED lights for illumination in darkened areas
  • Handles weight up to 600-lbs
  • Teflon finish for durability
  • Weather resistant materials
  • Highly durable aluminum construction
  • Running boards consist of OEM quality wiring harness, electric drive-motors, mounting-hardware, full-length running boards, instructions


What’s so fantastic about Hidden Running Boards is that they are hidden. This means that your truck or SUV can maintain its sleek appearance, while you enjoy the convenience that AMP Research running boards offer. Another thing, don’t be fooled by imitations. Some companies or dealers may offer partial to extruded-aluminum, or various materials and finishes with differing lengths. Electricstep.com offers the real thing. This means that you will receive authentic AMP Research running boards made from superior quality materials and crafted from a skilled team of workers. You are guaranteed to receive the solution you need because you are buying from an authorized AMP Research dealer.

You will find the best fit possible when it comes to Hidden Running Boards designed by the automotive industry leader AMP Research. A broad stepping platform for surefootedness is one of the features that make these running boards so special. In addition, a slip-resistant finish makes it easy for adults and children alike to easily step on and off the running boards with ease. Hidden Running Boards discreetly function without getting in the way of the operation of your vehicle. Moreover, your AMP Research Hidden Running Boards will fit perfectly to your vehicle design. And of course, the most important feature that these running boards offer is the ability to remain "hidden” while not in use, making them a worthwhile investment. Automatic opening and closing with the movement of your vehicle doors, makes this type of running board hassle free to operate.


Want to set yourself apart from all the other heavy-duty vehicle owners? Hidden Running Boards will put you in a class with all the other smart drivers of trucks and SUVS that experience the convenience of using running boards everyday. They relish in the ease and the effortless way this style of running board interacts with their vehicle, which is effortlessly and maintenance.

The AMP Research Hidden Running Boards are available for many late-model SUVS, full-sized pickups, both imported and domestic. Popular vehicles designs that use this type of running board include well-known brands like Chevy, GMC Sierra, Cadillac Escalade, and GMC Sierra, to name a few. In addition, AMP Research Hidden Running Board models are highly innovative. There name is synonymous with distinctive designs as they are providers for Honda, GM, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, and Daimler-Chrysler.


Hidden Running Boards have been proven to handle stringent weather conditions. While being put through numerous tests, the results have been superb whether conditions were snow, mud, ice, dirt, or dust. The lightweight, sturdy running boards are constructed of resilient, die-cast linkage mechanisms and built to last of aircraft quality aluminum. Moreover, these running boards incorporate a black-oxide and Teflon finish for complete oxidization fortification. High-quality performing stainless steel hinge-points and bearings make certain that your Hidden Running Boards provide flawless functionality. You are guaranteed a strong electric-motor that is produced and tested to make sure you receive the most dependable, maintenance free usage for many years to come, more than any other running board on the market today.


AMP Research Hidden Running Boards have proven that distinction in running boards can be a meticulous execution. They are designed via the minds of sharp engineers with innovative concepts and the know-how to implement them. Electricstep.com offers AMP Research Hidden Running Boards because they are the best the automotive market has to offer. Not only that, Electricstep understands the importance of offering the best and AMP Research provides it!

The AMP Research Hidden Running Boards are a success because the company knows what drivers of heavy-duty vehicles want. The company offers innovative ideas for the automotive industry by developing unique products; thereby, setting fresh industry standards. The ability to envisage, create, and manufacture what is needed in a practical way is what AMP Research is all about. And thankfully, the creation of Hidden Running Boards is part of this ingenuity.

At Electricstep.com, you will discover the best that AMP Research has to offer. With a proven successful track record and many satisfied customers, Electricstep has successfully remained a top supplier of the best automotive products on the market today. This includes Hidden Running Boards designed by the skilled team at AMP Research. Take a look at Electricstep’s collection for yourself, you’ll be glad you did!