Innovation in Motion from Lund International

Lund International is an Automotive Accessory Pioneer. Lund International is an aftermarket automotive accessories giant that manufacturers, and sells high-quality products worldwide. Headquartered in Buford, GA, the company works out of a 219,000-sq ft building and a 193,000-sq ft warehouse with accommodating access for shipping by both land and air. Established in 1965 with origins going back as far as the 1930s, Lund International began in Anoka, Minnesota with an impressive calling: to be a pioneer in the automotive industry in fulfilling customer's needs for automotive accessories.

Today, Lund International is a global pioneer of automotive accessories providing functional, high-performance, shielding and sleekly designed products from the industry's most popular brand names like Belmor, AVS, and Lund. These brands are pleasurably made in the United States. Lund International consistently creates industry benchmarks for design, engineering and modernization.

From vent-visors, side window-deflectors, and hood protection to tonneaus and toolboxes even premium floor-liners, Lund International brands gives more vehicle submissions coverage in the vent-visor and hood protection classifications than any brand out on the market today. All Lund International products offer outstanding value and a lifetime warranty.


Lund International is forever reinventing themselves. They accomplished such a feat flawlessly by recently acquiring AMP Research and incorporating the already established company into their "Innovation in Design" category. Products like the Bed Extender, BedStep, BedStep 2, and PowerStep are all now in the capable hands of Lund International adding to the company's already collection of high-quality, cost effective automotive products. By taking on AMP Research, Lund International has proven that the decades of business know-how that the company has used to catapult them into automotive super stardom is alive and well.

Besides the additional products that Lund International offers such as tonneau, fender flares, storage boxes, floor mats, and hood shields to name a few, by adding AMP Research, Lund International has placed themselves into the "automotive stratosphere." The "Innovation in Design" concept is a sure winner on all fronts; therefore, Lund International and AMP Research customers will not be let down.


Lund International Holding Company is part of the Highlander Partners group. By taking over all of the active assets of AMP Research, Lund International obtained an awesome line of products that will serve them well for years to come. Moreover, that's what makes Lund International so unique. They perceive future needs of their customers, and make the right moves to make sure they can fulfill those needs in the automotive industry. Lund International has promised to continue to use the trademarked products that made AMP Research so successful. The current Tustin AMP Research locale will continue with the same staff at the head of the manufacturing facility. The AMP Research staff will continue working with the Lund International team and will resume creating sleek, practical automotive products.

Being a pioneer themselves, Lund International has added to their "automotive fame" by being open minded to new concepts and ideas created on their own and those of AMP Research. Together with "Innovation in Design," Lund International has taken the idea of great, quality products for those in the automotive industry and their consumers to new heights. The head of Lund International stated, "the acquisition of AMP Research strengthens the company's new position as the leader in the nerf-bar and running-board categories where we supply the broadest range of products in the industry with a reputation of creating new and practical designs."


The Bed Extender fits snuggly into the new design concept of Lund International. The improved tailgate-extender and cargo storage holder is a powerful, enduring, Bed Extender with torque resistant composite-uprights and patented circular rectangular tubes. The Bed Extender grants added space, and flawlessly turns over conveniently into the truck bed, allowing the tailgate to close without any interference.

This innovative product has fantastic benefits. After the closing of the tailgate on a truck, an extra two-feet of space is immediately added for use to store additional objects. The additional space supplies room for small items and secures objects from moving around in the truck bed. The Bed Extender is certainly a practical and well thought out pioneering design.

BedStep/BedStep 2

The BedStep is a smartly created step that withdraws for the utmost convenience. Both the BedStep and the BedStep 2 is part of the new Lund International collection as well. The BedStep attaches to the bumper-frame in the rear corner of the truck. It can be elongated downward with the tap of a foot with ease and no complications. The step operates smoothly by appearing when needed and disappearing when not in use.

The BedStep2 is another design that has been added to the "Innovation in Design" collection from Lund International. This product is a side-step for heavy duty trucks that attaches on either side, right behind the cab, offering a quicker, easier, and safer means of gaining entrance for objects in truck beds like tool and various other objects.

PowerStep Running Boards

These well designed sleek running boards are also part of the new Lund International collection. The PowerStep awards users the privilege of a step that is aerodynamically gifted with a strong powerful electric motor. The PowerStep appears when a door is opened and vanishes after it is closed. There have been thousands upon thousands of pieces of the PowerStep running boards sold, adding more to the Lund International revenue.

Bed Extender

The Bed Extender has joined the group of Lund International automotive designs and is part of the "Innovation in Design" series. This automotive wonder, created from glass toughened resin-connectors and tubular-aluminum, elongates the cargo area of heavy-duty truck beds over the folded down-tailgate. This function permits truck owners to have more use of space via the Bed Extender, which can be thrown forward for organizing storage while the gate is up together with the adaptability of detachment for carrying larger cargo objects.


Lund International is a innovator in a class by itself. The company has taken on the arduous task of remaining a world leader of automotive accessories design. Lund International is a company of its word. By acquiring AMP Research and continuing with its own create process, the company has promised its many customers that quality and practicality will continue to be upheld in all of their endeavors. Lund International has avowed to balance the dynamism of their brand and distribution capability to make sure that not only their products, but the newly acquired AMP Research products grow to keep up with an ever increasing demand for the company's innovative products.