Lund Bed Extender

Lund International Holding-Company has acquired AMP Research, and has assured the AMP Research customer that the same quality and dependability they are used to will not be abandoned. A pioneer in design, manufacturing, and marketing, Lund International has taken on the best of AMP Research products like the Bed-Extender. The Lund Bed-Extender will maintain the distinctive features that made the Bed-Extender so great from the beginning. Lund International offers aftermarket accessories in the automotive industry for light trucks and passenger cars, as well as trucks in the heavy-duty category. Lund provides the automotive industry an assortment of appearance and functional automotive products that supply customers with means of customizing and personalizing their vehicles.


The Lund Bed-Extender will continue to "pick up the slack" where other automotive companies dissatisfy. Utilizing the Lund Bed-Extender disentangles the age-old impasse of having a truck box that does not have the required length to suit your needs. Today's pickup trucks are fantastic when it comes to ease and performance in comparison to pickups from years before. Years ago, if you owned a truck and wanted to place something in the back, the main drawback was reaching the truck bed. Unfortunately, with the longer cabs today, many pickups have short-boxes, making them unusable for objects longer than the box itself, especially when the tailgate is up. This was a dilemma until the Lund Bed-Extender came on the scene.


The Lund Bed-Extender not only allows surplus space, it flawlessly turns over into your truck bed, allowing your tailgate to close easily without hindrance. There are additional benefits to the Lund Bed-Extender's flexibility. After you close your truck's tailgate, you acquire an additional two-feet of easy to use space to manage those extras you place in the back of your truck. This reverse space grants room for smaller objects, and keeps them secure from flowing freely until you are ready to retrieve them. Even if you prefer not to extend your tailgate, the Lund Bed-Extender works anyways because it’s so practical and convenient. The Bed-Extender is a supreme organizational apparatus all on its own!


Dissimilar to inferior quality tailgate extenders, the Lund Bed-Extender is created with advanced technology that is patterned to tackle large loads in accord with the distinctive tool it was created to be. The distinctively designed Lund Bed-Extender incorporated rounded rectangle T6-aluminum alloy configuration and composite-uprights. The lightweight Lund Bed-Extender is only 9.5 pounds. It is a sleek design and strapping enough to endure large, heavy loads with everyday usage. The copyrighted round rectangle-tubes on the Lund Bed-Extender are extremely resilient, and holds its own against dimpling and dangling like sub par knock-offs.

Lund Bed-Extender Features:

  • Pickups receive two additional feet to their bed
  • Dependable nylon-straps keeps the Bed-Extender securely to the truck bed
  • Modified construction for particular truck models
  • Manufactured from Torque resilient composite-uprights, rounded rectangle T6-aluminum alloy tubes, handles heavy-duty cargo well
  • Long-lasting silver powder or black coated veneer
  • Due to its unique storage design the Bed-Extender easily changes to a freight container
  • Comes with hardware for easy installation
  • Guaranteed comes with a three-year warranty


The Lund Bed-Extender, previously the AMP Research Bed-Extender, was voted top groundbreaking product by Truck Trend Magazine, and there is no guessing why. Besides the practicality of the Bed-Extender it self that caused this great product to become a winner; it is the cleverness of the concept that makes the Lund Bed-Extender stick-out from their competitors. Not only that, the Lund Bed-Extender is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and they work faultlessly as well! There is something inimitable about intelligence and design intermingled to create forward-looking products that are irrefutably necessary.

A central continuing dilemma that many truck owners face is losing equipment when their tailgate is open. Naturally, trucks are robust vehicles that gives their owners plenty of dedicated years of service. Nonetheless, when there are additional loads to carry the only choice is to place the tailgate down. Once down, there can be additional space for a motorcycle, dirt bike, or some other object; however, those very objects will be tossed and thrown around like the movements of the inside of a washing machine, which in the end will damage your equipment.

The Lund Bed-Extender elongates the size of truck beds up to two additional feet with the capability of flipping the interior of your truck bed to the size of your tailgate once it is reclined. Once cast into the bed, the Lund Bed-Extender becomes a quaint compartment for all kinds of gear such as gas cans, hunting equipment, and so on. After the tailgate is reclined, the Lund Bed-Extender turns over the tailgate straddling the dimensions of the truck bed.


Lund International has certainly taken on a winner by adopting the AMP Research Bed-Extender. The Bed-Extender provides durable lightweight aluminum secured by nylon-uprights that are made to remain dependable regardless of what you may be transporting. Whether you are getting ready for an outing to explore the trail of some mystifying creature, or just lugging your dirt bike or motorcycle, the added space will certainly come in handy. It’s easy to see why the Lund Bed-Extender is one of the best devices for truck owners since trucks themselves were invented!

The Lund Bed-Extender is a necessity for any truck owner. Why have a truck if you can't haul larger objects due to a short tailgate that you can't extend securely? The Lund Bed-Extender solves this problem, and does so exceptionally well. To put things bluntly, "if your truck is without a Lund Bed-Extender, then you are not getting the full use out of your truck."

The Lund Bed-Extender grants owners of pickups the chance to do more with their vehicle besides riding around with objects in the back that may fall out or break at any time. Bike enthusiasts who need to transport their dirt bikes or motorcycles, find the Lund Bed-Extender extremely practical. Even farmers discover that the Lund Bed-Extender is handy when it comes to moving corn or bales of hey.

The Lund Bed-Extender is a distinctive piece of equipment that is flexible and does exactly what it says it will do. With such easy assembly and adaptability, don't forget the Bed-Extender can be flipped over and utilized as a convenient container within your truck's bed, there is little wonder that the Lund Bed-Extender is a top challenger in the automotive industry!