Lund Bed Step 2

The Lund Bed Step 2, from Lund International, is maintaining the same qualities and standards of the company that created them, AMP Research. Lund International Holding-Company purchased the automotive accessory innovator, AMP Research, and has made clear their intention to preserve the expertise and excellence that AMP Research has built their reputation on. A pioneer themselves in marketing, manufacturing, and design in the automotive industry, Lund International knew exactly what they were doing when purchasing the AMP Research legacy. The Bed Step 2 is part of the Amp Research custom, and now, Lund Bed Step 2 has taken the realm and has promised to keep the wheels turning in the right direction. Lund supplies a variety of functional and appearance automotive products that provide customers with the means to customize and personalize their vehicles.


Heavy-duty vehicle owners are always searching for ways to get in and out of their pickups easier. The Bed Step is a cleverly designed retractable step for pickups that hold to bumper-frame attachments at the rear of the truck. The Bed Step can descend with the tap of your foot to make it easier to climb up or down from your truck bed. In addition, the Bed Step withdraws after use. A couple of years ago, the Lund Bed Step 2 was launched, formerly AMP-Research Bed Step 2. The new Lund Bed Step 2 for pickup trucks mounts on either- side in the rear of the cab, providing faster, simpler, and a more secure route to permit entry to toolboxes and a variety of other equipment and objects in your truck's bed.

Because the Lund Bed Step 2 is similar to the original Bed Step, it is easy to install while remaining a solid step for getting into the bed of your truck. Whereas the Bed Step is designed for the driver’s side-rear close to the bumper, the Lund Bed Step 2 mounts directly forward of the back tires and can be installed on either side.

The Lund Bed Step 2 is quite unique. It comes with versatile parts so that you can decide prior to installing your Bed Step 2 whether you want it on the passenger or driver’s side. If you already have the original Bed Step, then placing the Lund Bed Step 2 on the passenger side would be the most practical move. It’s great, because the installation is so simple and no special tools are required to securely mount to the frame of your pickup. The Bed Step 2 still has the distinctive feature of hiding away when it is not in use, identical to the original Bed Step.


The Lund Bed Step 2 is designed to perform meticulously in numerous weather conditions like dirt, mud, dust, ice, and snow. This lightweight, yet sturdy box-side Bed Step 2 uses a tough die-cast aluminum alloy-linkage assembly that is manufactured in the United States, and black anodized and Teflon powder finished for complete oxidization fortification. Precision, stainless steel hinge-points, and pressure fit-bushings guarantee uncomplicated action and dependable, maintenance free operation for many years of good service.

Die-cast aluminum alloy-linkage mechanisms and precision automated pivot points makes Lund Bed Step 2 a worthwhile investment because it's "rock solid" and built to last! The ridged, slip-free step is molded of burly glass reinforced-resin, for secure footing even in the most difficult weather conditions.


  • Mounts on either-side of your truck-bed, right behind the cab
  • Grants easy access to cargo and tool at the front part of the truck-bed
  • Appears with the flick of your foot for simple no hands performance
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Comes with a 3-year/ 36,000 mile limited-warranty
  • High tractions, glass-reinforced nylon composite stepping pad
  • Total strength aluminum-alloy linkage arms
  • Self-lubricating bushings and precision stainless-steel pivot-pins
  • Bolt-on Installation

Installation of the Lund Bed Step 2 is quick, less than one hour! The Bed Step 2 was designed to utilize factory-frame mounting points. Drilling is not required on the majority of applications which saves you time on installation. In addition, you won't have to do anything to your pickup's framework like drilling holes.


Let’s be honest, accessing your toolbox or auxiliary fuel-tank, disconnecting the fifth-wheel hitch, or just reaching for certain objects in your pickup's bed can be difficult if not outright impossible, unless you are very good at gymnastics! For example, even a very tall individual could struggle with getting items out of their toolbox. Before, there were very few options to gain access to those difficult to reach objects, or perhaps you tried to be ingenious by storing a small stepladder in your truck-bed or by climbing-up onto one of the rear tires of your truck. Of course, this can be quite dangerous. That's why the Lund Bed Step 2 came to the rescue. With a side-mount, the Lund Bed Step 2 is specifically designed to permit easy access to the toolbox and other objects at the front part of the bed of your truck. The Bed Step 2 is a cleverly designed attachment that permits usage on either-side of the truck, right behind the cab. This makes it easier if you have others riding with you who may need to gain-access to your truck bed as well.


Sometimes it's nice to actually have something that is dependable to use when you need something from your truck bed. That's why when it comes to solid-steps; it's hard to beat the Lund Bed Step 2. It's a simple device with that bit of genius that makes it a huge success. And what's more important, it really works! The magic of the Lund Bed Step 2 is that it remarkably does its job in harsh weather conditions. This is vital, especially if you need something from your truck bed that may protect you from the harsh weather conditions you may be facing.

Another benefit of the Lund Bed Step 2 is that it is made for specific makes and models; therefore, you know it will be a perfect fit for your pickup. The list of benefits and advantageous goes on. The Lund Bed Step 2 is extremely easy to install. You have it in your hand at one moment, and within the next hour, it's ready to use! A torque wrench, a couple of sockets, and within no time you are good to go. The Lund Bed Step 2 also supports up to 300 lbs, you really can’t beat that for such a small apparatus. It's simple, Lund Bed Step 2, formerly AMP-Research Bed Step 2, designed another functional, sleek, durable, stylish accessory for the truck industry, proving once again that Lund International will stay a "step above" the competition.