Lund Bed Step

Lund International Holding-Company, a portfolio company of Highlander Partners, has acquired AMP Research Bed Step. However, there is no need to feel alarmed. The same AMP Research quality is still part of the Lund Bed Step. The Lund International Holding-Company is a pioneering designer, manufacturer, and marketer of well-known automotive replacement parts for a complete range of passenger-cars and light trucks, along with vehicles in the heavy-duty category. Lund International understands quality, that's why the Lund Bed Step will continue with the same superb workmanship seen on all of the bed steps produced by AMP Research before it. In fact, manufacturing will remain in the Tustin, California location while the present AMP workforce will unite with the Lund International team.


The Lund Bed Step is for persons who really use their heavy-duty trucks. If you frequently use your truck, the addition of the Lund Bed Step is the next "step" to a more efficient vehicle. Moreover, you would be surprised how many Lund Bed Step owners love to flaunt the convenience and modernism of their Lund Bed Step. Once you have witnessed it yourself, you will be astonished at how efficiently it operates and how sleek it looks. If you are the first amongst your friends to own a truck with the Lund Bed Step, your sensibility and unique states will drive your friends to purchase the bed step too! Besides looking smooth and up-to-date, the Lund Bed Step is extremely practical. In addition, it is reasonably priced so it won't hurt your bank balance either. Think of it as an investment because Lund Bed Steps are built to last.


  • Stainless-steel pivot points for worry free action and self-lubing bushings
  • Hands-free function allows accessibility even when carrying heavy loads
  • Can hold up to 300 lbs
  • Attaches to the back of your cab, and works on either side of your truck
  • Makes accessing your tools and other objects easier
  • Teflon finished aluminum-alloy arm
  • Has no effect on ground clearance
  • Slip-resistant composite step-pad
  • Three year warranty
  • Produced in the USA

Regardless of your occupation, whether you are a farmer, carpenter, plumber, or a mommy who runs her kids to daycare, or just a person who enjoys driving their truck, the Lund Bed Step is a boon. There is every reason to have a Lund Bed Step attached to your truck. It's just a clever thing to do. You easily become bemused at the resourcefulness of such a simple tool! You will find that such a simplistic apparatus has a world of functions. In fact, because of the Lund Bed Step's handiness, you will find more uses for your truck as well!


The Lund Bed Step is a "well rounded device." It works just as well for women who drive a truck for their livelihood, or, for women who use their truck for everyday usage. Whether shopping for groceries, picking up the kids, or gathering the Christmas tree for the holiday, the Lund Bed Step is simply handy. Actually, the Lund Bed Step is so easy to operate; even a child would have no problem with it. Even though it is not suggested to allow children to play on the bed step, or use it unsupervised without an adult. However, kids certainly get a bang out of having fun in the back of a truck with the convenience of the Lund Bed Step to help them get in and out.


The Lund Bed Step is produced to perform accurately without interruption in any climate conditions, whether snow, rain, dust, ice, or mud. The slender design of the Lund Bed Step, formerly AMP Research Bed Step, utilizes a tough die-cast aluminum alloy linkage-assembly, along with black anodized and Teflon powder superior coating for a superb corrosive shield. First-class materials and exceptional assemblage gives owners of the Lund Bed Stop many years of maintenance free performance. In addition, the grooved, non-slip step is manufactured from sturdy glass-toughened resin, for a safe grip even in snow, ice, or mud.

In an interesting way, the Lund Bed Step is the re-invention of a basic tool, "a step." The simplicity of the bed step makes it seem as though its invention was something from a primitive era! It's somewhat like a sci-fi movie. The Lund Bed Step was frozen in time, until brilliant researchers discovered it and made it a common device useful for today's civilization. The Lund Bed Step is cool, sleek, and beautifully designed to last with a reasonable price that just about any truck owner can afford.


By making your truck safer, more functional, and handy with the Lund Bed Step, you also enjoy your pickup more often. Lund International plans to keep it that way. It doesn’t matter if your tailgate is open or shut, the Lund Bed Step will operate effortlessly with the tap of your foot. Moreover, as if out of the blue, the Lund Bed Step disappears underneath the bumper of your vehicle when you are finished, leaving your hitch accessible for a trailer or other necessities.

The Lund Bed Step will continue with its sleek, stylish, appearance while being highly functional at the same time. The Lund Bed Step is a must have for anyone who owns a truck. In fact, it's remarkable that bed steps are not automatically a component of every truck manufactured! The firm, cast-aluminum hinges lay on precise bearing pins to supply and grant you a quality instrument that provides rock-solid support and years of maintenance free utility.

The Lund Bed Step is a cleverly designed, heavy-duty truck step that suits most trucks. It is a clear "step-up" for those who love to get full function out of their pickup; in fact, they will find it unbearable to be without it. Furthermore, the Lund Bed Step last for many years. Your investment will certainly reward you with many years of service. Just think no bending, tugging, or getting dirty hands. It's just that simple. It's all about the foot action with the Lund Bed Step. The concept is fantastic and Lund International plans to keep AMP Research automotive accessory designs just as superb as always!