Lund Innovation In Motion Series

Lund International has taken a step into "Innovation in Motion." A world of products formerly created and produced by AMP Research such as the PowerStep, BedStep, BedStep 2, and Bed Extender, is now in the hands of Lund International culminating in the new product series "Innovation in Motion." It is no surprise that Lund would think of such a concept since AMP Research created an innovative line of automotive accessories that catapulted them to the top of the automotive industry!


Innovation means "the act or process of inventing or introducing something new." That concept has always been a part of AMP Research. Now, with "Innovation In Motion," Lund has taken that very concept to a new level. Lund president Mitch Fogle says, "The attainment of AMP Research reinforces Lund's up-and-coming position as the pioneer in the running-board and nerf-bar category where we provide the widest product range in the industry with a reputation of introducing new designs."

Lund International Holding Company is an innovative designer, manufacturer, and marketer of branded automotive replacement-part accessories for a total range of light trucks, passenger cars, including heavy-duty trucks. By purchasing AMP Research and establishing the "Innovation In Motion" series, Lund has taken on all the wonderful innovative products that was designed and manufactured by AMP Research that includes such innovative concepts as the PowerStep, BedStep, BedStep 2, and Bed Extenders.

As well as the supplementary products Lund offers such as hood shields, floor mats, storage boxes, fender flares, and tonneau covers among others, taking on the awesome and innovative products of AMP Research has actually placed Lund "above the rim," so to speak in the automotive industry. The "Innovation In Motion," series is a sure winner and will not leave dedicated customers of AMP Research and future new Lund customers disappointed.

Lund will take on the history of a company that has elevated the look, functionality, and style of automotive accessories. It is no shocker that "Innovative In Motion" would be the moniker for the new series of automotive accessories that Lund has taken under its wing. With a reputation for excellence and ingenuity, AMP Research products go as far back as 1998. Here are a number of the products the "Innovative In Motion" series will incorporate.


The Bed Extender is part of the "Innovation In Motion" series. The automotive accessory is designed of tubular-aluminum and glass-toughened resin connectors that extend the cargo area of truck beds above the folded down tailgate. This allows truck owners to completely utilize the space, with the tailgate in a lying down position, with the assistance of the Bed Extender. Furthermore, the Bed Extender can be flung forward for departmentalizing storage while the gate is up, along with the flexibility of removal for carrying bigger cargo items. The Moto X-Tender offers an appealing back design that allows additional space in compact pickups for motorcycles, ATVs, and extra cargo.

The PowerStep provides a running-board retracting truck step that utilizes patented aerodynamically generated linkage and electric-motor. The PowerStep extends when a door is opened and disappears when the door is closed. The PowerStep Running Boards will certainly be a winner in the "Innovation In Design" series. After selling over 30,000 pieces in a short span of time, the "Innovation In Motion," series will have the opportunity to live up to its name.

The BedStep is a cleverly designed retractable step for trucks that attaches to the bumper-frame attachment in the rear corner of the truck. The BedStep can be extended-downward with the flick of a foot, making it easier to ascend and descend from a pickup bed, afterwards the BedStep withdraws. The BedStep 2, another innovative product added to the "Innovative In Design" series, is a side-step for pickup trucks that mounts on either side, directly behind the cab, providing a faster, simpler, secure, and safer means of gaining entry to toolboxes and numerous other objects placed in the bed.

Bed Extender

The Bed Extender will fit nicely into the "Innovation In Motion" series. The enhanced tailgate extender and cargo-holder is a strong, hard-wearing Bed Extender with torque-resilient composite uprights and patented rounded rectangle-tubes. The Bed Extender allows additional space, and meticulously flips over into the truck bed, permitting the tailgate to be closed without obstruction.

The Bed Extender addition to the "Innovative In Motion" series has great benefits as well. After the truck's tailgate is closed, an additional two-feet is instantly acquired to use for storing additional items. The extra space provides space for smaller objects and secures them from running amok in the truck's bed. The Bed Extender is a sleek, practical, and innovative apparatus.


Lund itself is a leader in the automotive industry. With the "Innovative In Motion" series, they have merely increased their visibility in an industry that demands excellence. Lund carries branded automotive aftermarket-accessories for a complete assortment of light trucks, passenger cars, including the heavy-truck group. Lund offers the industry a broad range of functional body and appearance products that supply customers with the means to personalize and customize their vehicles. Now, with AMP Research products on board, the "Innovative In Motion," series has taken Lund into the stratosphere in the automotive world!

Lund International Holding Company is a portfolio company of Highlander Partners. By acquiring all of the operating-assets of AMP Research, Lund obtained an outstanding line of products for their new concept the "Innovative In Motion," series. With such qualitative and well-designed products like running boards, bed extenders, bed steps, and other related products, innovation has taken a new "lease on life" at Lund International. Lund will continue to utilize the trademarked product names incorporated in AMP's "Innovation In Motion" product lines. The existing Tustin AMP location will carry on with the main manufacturing facility and the present workforce of AMP will be united with the Lund International team.

Acquiring a leading innovator in ANY industry is a huge task. It requires the dedication and quality that the original company instilled in their products to continue via the commitment and dedication of the new company. Lund has promised to do just that. Through the "Innovation In Motion," series, Lund will make available to the many satisfied AMP Research customers, the same standards they have been used to receiving from an established and trustworthy corporation. Lund has asserted that they plan to leverage the vigor of their brand and distribution capacity to make certain AMP's products are offered to a larger audience than before. The "Innovations In Motion," series is a step in that direction.