lund International Power Step

At last, innovation in automotive accessories has arrived. It's all about success! Reliability, excellence, and modernized designs, are all merged into one product. The Lund International Power Step is the ultimate in running-board style. Lund International has taken over the reigns from AMP Research, but kept all of the quality and distinction one expects from a power step. Nothing has changed. Therefore, as always, if you really take pleasure in taking care of your heavy-duty vehicle, such as a truck or SUV, the superior refinement of power steps has not been left behind due to Lund International Power Step taking the realm. The same ease and convenience offered to power step users is still offered via Lund International Power Step. Don't forget, Lund International Power Step has taken over AMP Research, offering the same fantastic products and value.


If you own a heavy-duty vehicle then you definitely need a Lund Power Step. A power step is as basic to a truck or SUV as a steering wheel! The Lund Power Step is still the original automated running-board, with a flexible soundly textured powered coat veneer, for unmatched power, stamina, and heftiness. Because the Lund International Power Step is build to last, they are manufactured with die-cast, aluminum alloy-contrivances, and high-powered, with Teflon and metal finish oxide strengthened meticulous finish to fight deterioration. The result is a sophisticated, automatic, electronic-vehicle accessory that works all on its own. The Lund Power Step works automatically. When you open and shut your door the power step obeys and extends and withdraws as needed. Take on the power step sixty-thousand miles or five year warranty and you are good to go!


  • Manufactured and designed in the United States
  • Safety Technology, Pinch-Resilient, Pressure Responsive
  • Climate Resistant, Drive-System and Wiring Harness, OEM Superb Electric-Motor
  • Capacity of 600 LB
  • Supported by a High-Textured Powdered Finish for Supreme Durability and Grip
  • Protruding Aluminum Steps with Complete Length Internal
  • Ribs for Firm Sturdiness, and Rigidity
  • All Temperature Performance High Quality Resources
  • Maintenance Free, Automatic Lubricating Bushings
  • Flawless Stainless-Steel Pivot Pins for Steadfast Solidity
  • Scrupulously Detailed Finish for Corrosion Resistance, Teflon Coated, Anodized
  • High-capacity, Die-Cast, Aluminum Alloy Apparatus
  • Visibility Assistant LED-Light System
  • Automatically Extends
  • 5 Year/60,000 Mile Warranty


Vehicle Mass

The reduction of the overall weight of your truck or SUV assists with enhancing fuel economy. The Lund Power Step aluminum elongated-footstep is 10% to 20% smaller in mass than the general OEM running-boards or alternate part steel-tube steps. Wind tunnel tests with heavy-duty vehicles equipped with Lund Power Steps have shown that increased air-flow underneath the vehicle with reduced turbulence and drag is more than efficient.

Energy Efficient Design

The Lund Power Step functions with astounding accuracy and reinforces comfort and security as you go in and out of your vehicle. The Lund Power Step is activated by your heavy-duty vehicle's factory door sensors and quickly elongates when the door opens. When the door is closed, another signal is sent out causing the power step to dutifully extract into ready rocker-panels, abolishing the drag created by conventional preset-positioned running boards. For a little more than a decade, AMP Research, now owned by Lund International, has been incorporated as a manufacturer for a number of SUVs and trucks. They include:

  • Hummer-SUVs: Hummer H3 2006-2009, Hummer H2 2003-and beyond
  • SUVs and Nissan-Trucks: Infiniti 2004 and beyond/Nissan Titan Crew Cab/Armada
  • SUVs and GM-Trucks: Chevy-Suburban/GMC Yukon XL 200-2006; XL 2007-2013, Cadillac-Escalade 2000-2006; 2007-2013, Chevy-Avalanche, GMC-Yukon/Chevy Tahoe 2000-2006, GMC-Sierra 1999/Chevy Silverado 2007-2013
  • Ford-Truck SUVs: F-150 Super Crew-Heritage 2001-2003-2004, F-150 Super-Cab/Crew/Lincoln-Mark LT 2004-2008, F-150 Super-Cab/Crew 2009-2013, Excursion 2000-2005, Superduty
  • Dodge-Trucks: Doge-Ram Mega Cab and the Doge Ram Quad
  • Additional Vehicles Include: Toyotas and Jeeps
  • The Lund Power Step Increases Fuel Productivity

Due to the increase of gas prices, heavy-duty vehicles like SUVs and trucks are always the subject of conversations when it comes to gas and economizing. Often, this subject is the foundation of frustration because, it's been pointed out before, that SUVs and trucks are not favored upon for when it comes to miles per gallon. Hauling and weight are two important mechanisms that unswervingly take an effect on fuel efficiency and heavy-duty vehicle owners are looking for a means of decreasing these factors. The Lund Power Step is light when it comes to these two dynamics. You can continue to gain complete use of your Lund Power Step minus any meddling from drag or weight due to the power step's flawless design. As a result, your vehicle's fuel consumption is not effected one way or another.


The Lund Power Step has kept the same meticulous concept as AMP Research before it. The design works impeccably, the appearance is sleek, and the finish is up-to-par. The stepping surface retains its workability in all types of terrains whether in mud, snow, grim, and other rubble. On the whole, there is no need to get your hands dirty with the Lund Power Step. It's the same power step brilliance only under a different name.

The Lund Power Step is genuinely designed to work hard as a vehicle accessory for hard-working vehicles. Individuals who regularly use their SUVs and trucks are guaranteed a certain level of performance, which means durability and quality. It's not surprising since power steps were designed by people who have an affinity for SUVs and trucks themselves! The Lund Power Step has been actively tested and researched. The Lund International Power Step has continued with what AMP Research has already initiated, which is testing the reliability of the power step in extensive, real word, driving conditions. The Lund Power Step has shown immaculate execution in a variety of climates and has always functioned in the manner in which it was designed for. These ultra progressive designed, quality manufactured power steps are among the top-rated according to many raving customer reviews. They are frequently considered "the best power steps on the automotive market today."

The Lund Power Step is certainly a worthwhile investment. Lund International Holding-Company, a portfolio corporation of Highlander Partners, has stated "they will continue to use trademark automotive accessories of AMP Research." Therefore, you don't have to be concerned about losing any quality, you still receive the same exclusive product, only under a different name!