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The Lund International Automotive Giant is in a Class by Itself.

Lund International is wellknown in the automotive industry for meeting their customers needs with quality, innovative products. Lund International is a completely integrated, indefatigably ground-breaking company that serves original equipment producers, auto accessory dealers, warehouse distributors, and vehicle owners with modern design and manufacturing means offering one of the industrys biggest collections of automotive products. Headquartered in Buford, GA, Lund International runs its global operations out of a 219,000 square foot space including a 193,000 square foot storehouse with expedient access for shipping functions by both air and land.

Allan W. Lund, a talented entrepreneur, was highly-skilled in devising fiberglass products. Mr. Lund is the brains behind Lund International, which he founded in 1965. Before his journey into manufacturing accessories for the truck industry, Mr. Lund was an educator and insurance salesman. He began fabricating prototype-work for boats, snowmobile, and additional recreational vehicle producers and began making sun-visors in a Minnesota chicken barn in 1974. Lund's unique idea, the Lund Sun-Visor fastened to the cab of a van or truck proving to be a practical and clever idea. Towards the end of the 1970s, as light-truck sales improved, Lund International embarked on producing aesthetic accessories for light-trucks.

Lund International created their second product called a cab-spoiler. An authorized dealer plan was inaugurated to sell products via auto part stores, trim stores, auto body stores, and car washes. Dealer-expediters, who customized brand new trucks prior to leaving the lot, drastically increased product sales. Lund International eventually expanded their collection to twenty additional product-lines, including grill inserts, fender extensions, and bug shields. One of Lund Internationals fastest rising product lines from this time was running-boards, which was principally due to women, who were driving trucks more often, and discovered the convenience of running boards for getting in and out of their truck.

During the winter of 1997, Lund International signed an amalgamation to purchase a much bigger rival, the Deflecta-Shield Corporation of Indianola, Iowa. The company, founded in 1961, effectively produced and marketed hood-shield extending product collections along with running-boards, truck bed protection, storage boxes, tonneau covers, visors, covers, and side window-deflectors. Lund International expanded speedily and became unstoppable by acquiring Belmor, a producer of specialty-accessories for the heavy-duty trucking trade in 1997.

To keep up with the diversification of its portfolio, Lund International obtained Nifty-Products, a design and manufacturing corporation for custom molded floor-mats, trunk liners, and rear cargo bay trays in 2002. In 2004, Lund International purchased TRENZ, a pioneering producer of bespoke grills including interior and exterior automotive accessories.


From vent visors-side window deflectors, hood-protection and tonneaus to toolboxes and top-rate floor liners, Lund International offers fantastic vehicle application coverage in the vent visor and hood-protection categories than any of their competitors in the industry today. Lund International products are distributed from three brands providing customers with top notch value and lifetime warranties.

AVS, Innovative and Pioneering

Auto Ventshade has its origin from 1935 and is the pioneer of the vent-shade product, a gadget initially attached over car windows to prevent rain from getting in while letting fresh air in. Presently, AVS produces numerous top-quality automotive accessories with vent visor-side window deflectors along with hood protections making up the main product lines.

Lund International, First Class Style, Rugged Performance

Lund International manufacturers the finest, high performance and first-rate automotive accessories for CUVs, SUVs, trucks, and heavy duty vehicles. This branch of Lund International includes products such as bed and grille coverings, vents decals, bed accessories, cargo management, storage boxes, running boards, and floor coverings.

Belmor Take Care of the Heavy Duty Stuff. Belmor products can be found at more than 3000 heavy duty truck-dealerships and retail outlets all through North America. Belmore manufactures the finest and most popular heavy-duty truck accessories along with tank covers, winter fronts, rock guards, bug screens, and hood protections.


Two world-class operations are managed by Lund International. These Lund International USA-headquartered manufacturing centers with modern production equipment and technology is run by professional engineers, machinists, and craftsmen. Lund Internationals two manufacturing facilities have exceptional capacity and capabilities to manufacture first-rate products promptly and economically, a feat unrivaled in the industry. Lund Internationals manufacturing capabilities consists of top coating, die cutting, fiberglass molding, metal forming, cut-and-sew, plastic injection molding, and thermoforming.


From assemblage to bespoke packaging from printing and painting, Lund International post-production capabilities is innovative and works to make anything they touch better. Lund International are competent distributors with a comprehensive system that consists of truck freight capabilities and drop shipment service. Lund International handles both domestic and international shipments including small shipments, LTL, and TL, along with working affiliations with customers and transporters to carry products wherever they are required. With a speedy turnaround and commitment to prompt delivery, Lund International exhibits the integrity and trustworthiness that allows their customers trust in their products and service.


Pioneering automotive aftermarket-manufacturer Lund International proclaimed recently that its manufacturing department in Lawrenceville, Georgia has been honored with Fords much desired Q1 certification for supplier distinction. Receiving the Q1 award means that a supplier's facility is recognized as a preferred-supplier to the Ford Motor Company, acknowledging excellence in several departments: customer satisfaction, ongoing performance, continuous improvement, and capable systems.

The Ford Q1 Certification grants Lund International preferred-status and recognizes Lund International as a supplier that reigns in the league of the best in the world. Lund International's three world-class headquartered US based manufacturing facilities with modernized production equipment and technology including an expert staff is why Lund International is at the top of their game.

It's no secret that designing top-quality automotive products is what made Lund International the prestigious company that it is today. With well honed designing skills, and by creating great looking automotive accessories, the focus of Lund International is to always create, produce, and generate the best the automotive industry has to offer. With premium retailers around the world selling their much sought after products, Lund International has only begun to show their true grit. Lund Intentional is innovative, pioneering, creative, quality oriented and economical as well. Lund International is everything an automotive giant should be!

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