Lund Running Boards

Lund International Holding Company is a pioneering designer, marketer, and manufacturer, of branded automotive replacement part accessories for a complete range of passenger cars and light-trucks, including the heavy-duty truck category. Lund International has taken on the reigns of AMP Research. By making such a purchase, Lund International has taken on all the fantastic innovative products that AMP Research has created which includes their very popular and successful Running Boards. The Lund Running Boards, formerly AMP Research Running Boards, are still the same as the famous company that made them popular. Besides the additional products the Lund offers such as floor mats, hood shields, and tonneau-covers, the Lund Running Boards will retain the distinct perfection and quality that made them so successful through the hard work of AMP Research.

Lund Running Boards are the right solution for expediently getting in and out of your SUV or truck. Lund Running Boards are a well-designed, sleek alternative for stepping into vehicles with a high clearance. Running-Boards can easily tackle your daily needs of entering and exiting your vehicle while not interfering with the appearance and general functionality of your vehicle.


Lund Running Boards grant SUV and truck owners the sturdy step utility when they do need it and conveniently vanishing when they do not! When your door is opened, the Lund Running Boards descends to greet your step. When you close your door, the Lund Running Boards slide beneath your truck or SUV and obediently waits for your next command. As a matter of fact, by selecting the slender designed Running-Board, your truck or SUV will maintain its stylish, up-to-date appearance as well.

Quality designed Lund Running Boards are available on the automotive market for trucks and SUVs. An electronic-signal emanating from the vehicle’s factory door-sensors and expands to a convenient stepping height within a few seconds. Motorized via an enclosed motor that attaches easily underneath the vehicle, the Lund Running Board then extends when any door is opened. The Running-Boards will retract automatically whenever a door is closed staying in hibernation until it is called out for service again. They disappear and appear as if by magic!


The Lund Running Boards descend up to six-inches, considered by most to be a hassle-free stepping height. Here are a number of other additional features that make the Lund Running Boards so distinctive:

  • Extension-arm, which can be bought separately, is available to provide an additional two-inches of height for lifted trucks
  • Every Lund Running Board can sustain up to 600lbs per-side and is checked for resistance against weather changes
  • All Lund Running Boards incorporate integrated light-kit, covered fasteners to withstand deterioration and a heavy-duty, weather resilient, pressure-sensitive, pinch proof technology-motor to ensure safekeeping and functionality for many years to come
  • Robust, cast-aluminum alloy arms allow the Lund Running Boards to descend up to six-inches to a comfortable stepping-height when a door opens and pulls-back underneath your SUV or truck when the door closes
  • 6.25 inches of extra broad-step is created with extruded-aluminum together with a fantastic hard-wearing powder-coat that incorporates a non-slip textured surface
  • The Lund Running Boards kit includes two-steps, weatherproof-motors, wiring harness together with a controller, LED light-kit and hardware
  • Functions perfectly with front and backdoor activation
  • Hides under your SUV or truck when the doors are closed for complete ground clearance
  • All Lund Running Boards automatically come with tools that provide safety, such as LED lighting


Quality designed Lund Running Boards can be purchased at numerous automotive retailers that sell SUVs and trucks. The design of Lund Running Boards is simple. An electronic-indicator from the signal of the vehicle’s door sensors alerts the running-bards to extend to an adequate stepping height in only a matter of seconds. Powered by a concealed motor that can be attached easily beneath your vehicle, the Lund Running Boards protrudes after any door, whether it is the passenger or driver’s side that is opened.

Lund Running Boards mechanically controlled by the signal in place to make it operate meticulously. The Lund Running Boards quickly retracts which is quite convenient for truck and SUV owners. This prevents mishaps like trips and falls due to the Running-Boards quick retracting action! Lund Running Boards are full-length, and well-matched for any door, driver and passenger, front and back.


Today, Lund Running Boards are the best on the automotive market. Crisp designs with weather proof finishes makes Lund Running Boards the best the automotive market has to offer. With a vast number of wonderful features that protects you and your Running-Boards from damage and mishaps, it’s little wonder why Lund Running Boards are the most popular Running-Boards purchased today.

Lund Running Boards are foolproof contraptions that are built to work the way they are supposed to, flawlessly. They offer continued use and service which is what SUV and truck owners look for when purchasing accessories for their vehicles in the automotive industry. Quality materials like extruded-aluminum make Lund Running Boards an automotive accessory purchase worth making.


The key purpose of Lund Running Boards is to provide you with the comfort you need when getting in and out of your SUV or truck. If this is what you are looking for, Lund Running Boards are the answer. Stepping in and out of your vehicle with fear of falling or with discomfort will be a thing of the past. This is one of the reasons why Lund Running Boards are such a fantastic investment. Actually, Lund Running Boards can assist with tackling the physical discomfort of getting in and out of your vehicle in a matter of seconds.

Running-Boards are an appealing automotive apparatus and suits anyone who owns a truck or SUV. The need to enter and exist these types of vehicles comfortably is important. In addition, many individuals use their trucks and SUVS for more than casual use, for some it’s part of their livelihood!

Lund Running Boards are practical. A sharp design with weather proof finishing makes the Running-Board worth every cent of your investment. The practicality of Lund Running Boards stems from their hardy-functionality, modern design, and ease of use. It's simple, but that’s what makes the Lund Running Boards what they are and why they are so sought after. They work, they look good, the price is sensible, and they are a practical addition to any SUV or truck, what more can you ask for?