Mercedes Benz Sprinter

If you are searching for a van that is versatile and gratifies anyone's taste, one that will carry passengers or cargo, the answer is the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Just the name "Mercedes" rings a bell in most automotive owner's minds. Put that together with a vehicle that can carry over ten people or haul your cargo and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter comes out on top. It's a sure winner, manufactured in a sleek style so characteristic of the Mercedes brand. For example, the transport area is great for companies and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards are second to none! The Sprinter is perfect for as an airport shuttle, luxury RV, commercial carrier, or cab chassis. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is what large vehicles is all about; comfort, opulence, quality, and endurance.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Design

In many ways, the structure of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter adequately meets everyday requirements and goes beyond your assumptions in spite of a hefty base price tag. Everything a smaller Mercedes vehicle incorporates is integrated into the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. First of all, you have the three-pointed star facing the conventional grille and shortened hood. At the back of the legendary face is the center of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter power, a 3.0-liter V6 Bluetec-diesel, supplying up to 188 horsepower with 325-lb-ft of rotating force while meeting the austere emission regulations established by the California Air Resources-Board and the EPA. Whether deciding upon a regular-roof with a brief wheelbase or the high-roof resting on the long or short wheelbase, you will take pleasure in the ample space and outstanding capableness.


Most of the technology in the Mercedes Benz Sprinter is committed to safety; nonetheless, an Audio-20 radio is on hand, a dual-tuner, CD-player with MP3 ability, CD-changer and Bluetooth with a telephone-keyboard. In order to maintain equilibrium, Mercedes has an ADESP, Adapative-Electronic Stability Program that operates with an ABS. Moreover, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter has skid ascendancy, electronic-brake force allocation, ESP Trailer Stability-Assist and Brake Assist.

Beneath the hood, the 3.0-liter V6 is secured with up-to-the-minute cognition. Fuel is distributed by way of a high-tech universal rail-technology and compressed through an inter-cooled turbocharger. After being lit, exhaust-gases are cleansed with Bluetec; the Mercedes Benz privately owned SCR or Selective Catalytic-Reduction utilizing AdBlue-diesel exhaust liquid.

Possibly, the most noteworthy technology dividing the Mercedes Benz Sprinter from other domestic vehicles is the idea in back of the design. The uniqueness of merging everyday driving necessities with practical amenities is a true stroke of brilliance in the automotive world! The best in technological advancement is implemented while drivers and passengers carry on with everyday manual vehicle activity.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards

A marvelous advantage of selecting the Sprinter van accessories for your comfort requirements are the extraordinary amount of bespoke alternatives available for this vehicle. The whole gamut from accessory gadgets to suspension modifications and hand-controls are available for installation with confirmed results and sleek interfacing. One of, if not the most, popular accessory for the Sprinter is the Mercedes Sprinter Running Boards.

Taller, lifted vehicles like the Sprinter require assistance for passengers and drivers. This is why Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards are a super idea. Installing the Sprinter Running Boards guarantees a "step-up" so to speak. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards gives that extra lift needed with a vehicle with high steps. With numerous finishes, bespoke materials that can be painted to your liking, step lights, and a plethora of other options, you are sure to have no problem finding the best Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards to suit your taste.

You can take your Sprinter to the next level in style with superbly designed Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards that add to the sleekness and opulence of your van without distraction. Sprinter Running Boards boost the usage of the vehicle by making it more convenient to get in and out. For example, one of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards is the Raptor Oval Magnum Step Bars. Constructed from durable 304-stainless steel, this running board is designed for attention-grabbing stares and withstands rust and oxidization. Buffed up models include polished and welded end-caps for a dynamic finished appearance to avert moisture seepage. Convenient sizeable step-pads provide adequate traction for secure footing regardless of the weather.

Alternatively, another of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards is the Dee Zee NX Series. The Dee Zee gives your Sprinter a "stand-out" appeal without being overbearing. The Sprinter speaks for itself, so anything added must unconditionally complement the vehicle. A smooth appearance and flawless look is what the Dee Zee running boards imparts. This particular styled Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards choice has three finish medleys. You have the choice of black with black trim, stainless-steel with black trim, and black with chrome trim. Each type comes with an exclusive stepping surface enclosed with rubber-grommets for sturdy footing.

The very best Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards are sure to support tired legs when stepping in and out of your vehicle. If you are using a Sprinter for work, you are more apt to step in and out of the vehicle more often than a family person; therefore, a Sprinter Running Board is a necessity. Mercedes designed the Sprinter in two ways. They made it luxurious but easy to accessorize. Of course, not every running board is a bona fide Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Board. It has to have the right style and quality of materials.

Changeless style and classic fortitude is the type of Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards you will find offered. The Sprinter running boards are for magnificent and hardworking vehicles. Some of the features of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards are:

  • Strong, extruding capabilities
  • Light anodized-aluminum finish
  • Available in full-length, box, or cab applications
  • Easy to install
  • Hardware included
  • Sold in pairs


With most presentations of full-size vans, the manufacturer will fill load-up passengers; hook-up a trailer-to a hitch or perhaps both. In presentations with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, the company favors taking potential buyers to an autocross-course, where the Sprinter's superb steering and serene suspension is test at full-throttle. Let's not be taken-in, full-throttle on the Sprinter means 188-hp and not 388-hp; however, the competence verified in directing a Mercedes Sprinter around a turn and coming out on the other side upright cannot be exaggerated! Add the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Running Boards and you have an extraordinary vehicle ready to take on any conditions while remaining elegance, sophisticated, and usability.