Nerf Bars

Nerf Bars and Running Boards offer you the step-up for getting in and out of your vehicle with more comfort and stability. Installing either of these units to your truck or SUV increases the usability and value to your vehicle. Most brands install slip-pads under the seating row producing a safe exit and entry point regardless of the weather conditions.

At times, it’s not that easy to jump into your truck and get behind the wheel. However, that can be easily taken care of with truck Nerf Bars. You can find custom made Nerf Bars to fit your truck to specification in a number of designs. Whether you want to make things easier physically or simply want to stylize your heavy-duty vehicle, Nerf Bars are a great option.

Nerf Bars are available in textured stainless steel or high-gloss to add a bit of sophistication to your vehicle. In addition, they are also produced from decay resistant materials such as chrome-plated and powder coated aluminum, providing you with lifelong service. You will also find Oval Nerf Bars that are specially created to supply a stepping surface that is extra wide for better footing when getting in and out of your truck.

Running Boards have a larger weight-capacity and are wider than Nerf Bars. They are constructed from aluminum, chrome, fiberglass, or stainless steel. Running Boards can be purchased in a dark grayish or black finish, or they can be painted in any color you choose. Stylish Running Boards can be found with lights at both ends to help your vehicle make a statement on the road. This design of Running Board is equipped with a full aluminum finish. Lighted Running Boards include a complete mounting kit, which makes them easy to install.


The key difference between Running Boards and Nerf Bars has to do with the stepping section. Running Boards offer a stepping-pad that measures the complete length of the board. This way you and your passengers will always have secure footing. Nerf Bars offer stepping-pads at each entry point into your vehicle.

There are a number of different styles of Nerf Bars and Running Boards to choose from; however, it depends on what your needs that will determine which style works best for you. If you desire Nerf Bars or Running Boards for a heavy-duty vehicle, you should check out the wheel-to-wheel Nerf Bars and Running Boards. These bars will measure the entire length of your vehicle. They don’t simply offer easy access to your vehicle; they offer easy access to your truck-bed as well. Oval Nerf Bars are another option to think about if you desire a broader stepping area.


Nerf Bars and Running Boards for heavy-duty vehicles are available in a number of materials and finishes. Some brands can be custom painted while other brands carry diamond-plate aluminum for truck owners who prefer to complement their Running Boards with other diamond-plated upgrades they have already added.

Nerf Boards can be found in numerous shapes and sizes such as round, oval, and hoop style. There are cab length, hooped, and wheel-to-wheel Nerf Boards for truck or SUVs. Lighted options are quite popular including Running Boards that extend when your door opens and withdraw when your door closes. Powered and lighted-steps are simply another means of upgrading your SUV or truck to make it safer and more stylish.


It’s debatable that Nerf Bars and Running Boards are simply added for their sleek style. Nevertheless, when it comes to giving your heavy-duty vehicle an upgrade, nothing makes a bigger impact than either Nerf Bars or Running Boards.

With the options available, you can go chunky with huge rounded Nerf Bars that incorporate five-inch or six-inch widths. Alternatively, you can install super-wide step Running Boards that extend wheel-to-wheel on your truck. The bespoke design of either style will make certain you receive an authentic look and fit.

Some truck and SUV owners prefer the minimalist look and desire a smaller type Nerf Bar. This is why three-inch and four-inch oval and round side tube steps are offered as well. Truck steps and drop-down hoop steps are an alternative way to create the minimalist look while receiving the functionality of a side-entry bar.

Overall, Nerf Bars and Running Boards are the best way to give your vehicle the additional comfort and style that you look for. Both are useful and practical, and aesthetically appealing. If you want to add something sensible that will add value to your vehicle at the same time, Nerf Boards and Running Boards are the answer.