Power Running Boards For Trucks

AMP Research power running boards for trucks are some of the most useful truck accessories ever invented. These boards make it so much easier to get into and out of an elevated truck cab. Install an LED light kit and enjoy additional safety after dark or on foggy, overcast days.

A truck is a great thing to have. With a big pickup, you can haul a lot of stuff. With a truck, you can run a landscaping business or a painting company. When it's moving day, you'll have the fun of helping your friend move everything they own from one place to another! Only problem with driving a tall truck is getting in and out of the cab. If your cab is exceptionally high, or your legs rather short, climbing up into your truck cab can be quite the challenging endeavor. AMP Research power running boards for trucks can change all that. To deploy AMP power running boards for trucks, the driver simply opens a door. Yes, that's all there is to it. When a door is opened, the PowerStep is activated by the factory installed electric door sensor. The step quietly moves into position, where it provides a heavy duty, non-skid step. Use the PowerStep™ power running board to step into the truck, then close the door and the step instantly retracts into an out-of-the-way, aerodynamic position.

When AMP Research designed their power running boards for trucks, great care was taken to make certain the steps deploy at the precise height for human ergonomic comfort. AMP Research manufactures a fine line of very useful truck and van accessories. Browse our online catalog to see the remarkable range of AMP running boards and other well made AMP Research truck accessories. If you're in southern California, you are welcomed to come see our facility at 400 West Cypress Avenue in Los Angeles.