Power Step for Trucks

When AMP Research invented the power step for trucks, life got easier for a whole lot of people. Face it. Getting up into and down out of an elevated truck cab can be a bit of challenge. AMP PowerSteps make the task much more comfortable and convenient for drivers and passengers alike.

While you are here, we'd like to tell you about AMP Research electric power step for trucks. These powered steps are a marvelous product made right here in America. AMP Research electric power step running boards take the strain out of climbing up into and down out of any high-profile truck. AMP PowerStep power step for trucks are made from quality materials, so you know they're built to last for a lifetime of daily use. AMP powered running boards are as handsome as they are useful. To deploy the power step for trucks, AMP instructs the driver to open a door. Yes, it's just as simple as that. When a door is opened, the PowerStep is activated. It moves into position, where it provides a heavy duty step that can hold about a ton of weight. Use the PowerStep to step into the truck, then close the door and the step instantly retracts into an out-of-the-way position.

In addition to AMP Research electric power step for trucks, AMP also makes a line of other quality truck and van accessories. For instance, the Research Bed X-Tender, which allows you to gain more useable cargo space in any truck bed. When not being used to add cargo area, the Research Bed X-Tender flips into the truck bed, where it stays out of the way until the next time you need it. Browse our online catalog to see the remarkable range of AMP power running boards and other well made AMP Research truck accessories.