Powerstep Running Boards

Large vehicles like trucks and SUVs are powerful high-rides that have their own distinct advantages and drawbacks. For instance, the above-average height of these vehicles makes entry and exit difficult for its passengers. In many cases, riding these trucks can cause you to develop back pains and other related ailments.

This is the concern that Powerstep wants to address. Also known as AMP Research Power Step assists trucks or SUV users whenever they embark or leave their vehicles. As it is easy-to-use and only requires a one-time installation procedure, the Powerstep offers both convenience and protection for people who always use trucks and SUVs, especially for work.

Powerstep: Now you see it, now you don't

Attached either under the vehicle or close to the lower portion of its body, the Powerstep is not visible and can be instantly tucked away - you do not even have to push a button. This is possible because each unit comes with sensors installed in the car's factory doors. When the door opens, the boards of Powerstep will automatically lower itself. And as the door closes, the running board will retract on its own. The Powerstep does not awkwardly protrude out of the vehicle,? it goes right under it and 'hides' until you need to use at again.

Powerstep: Super tough

As it is designed to bear weight and endure through changing weather conditions, Powerstep is made of super durable aluminum. The construction of its boards has been tested to endure temperatures ranging from a scorching +200°F to a freezing -40°F. Hence, this product can withstand sudden temperature adjustments due to weather and climate changes, proving its strength and reliability. Powerstep is truly worth every penny.

Powerstep: Very comfortable to use

Its boards can extend and lower from 10 inches to 12 inches towards the ground, imitating the normal length of stairs, thereby lessening the strain that elevated places can cause. Also, the Powerstep can hold up to 600 lbs. of weight, as its wide platform provides ample space for balanced footing.

Powerstep: Install and use

Though the Powerstep is very easy to use, installation is not that simple. It is best to seek the help of professionals in making the Powerstep part of your truck or SUV. For example, older GM models need to add four diodes so that the said product can be used.

Return policy and warranty

The Powerstep manufacturer also has a strict return policy - the product should have been in your possession for no more than 30 days if you want to return it. Also, it should be in its original package and remains uninstalled.

Powerstep aims to make up for such a strict policy, though, by providing consumers with comprehensive warranty. When you purchase this product, a three-year warranty is already included.