Powersteps Truck Steps

Studies show that most SUV and truck step boards are either mounted too close to the body of the vehicle or too high. Because of this, they fail to provide the natural step assistance that we all need. But thanks to Powersteps available through ElectricStep.Com, the dilemma or getting in and out of a lifted truck or SUV is instantly solved.

What are Powersteps?

Power Steps (developed by AMP Research) are automatic running boards that provide ergonomic support for you and your passengers. It takes into consideration your natural body mechanics, and extends automatically when you open your car door to give you proper step assistance. It also slides right back under your truck or SUV when you close the door, so you never lose any ground clearance nor ruin the looks of your car.

The science behind Powersteps

The engineers of AMP Research carefully studied the body mechanics patterns of people of different heights, ages, and weights in order to determine the optimal step height and extension applied on the Power Step vehicle step assists. Thanks to this technology, the Powerstep has the best step height and best outward extension, and is great for everyone in your family. Women drivers, the elderly, and children are especially benefited by these powerful running boards.

How they work

The Power Step is easily the most ergonomic and most aesthetic automatic running board in the market. It automatically lowers once your SUV or truck doors open, instantly providing easy access to the vehicle's cab. Then, it easily hides itself behind the doorsill or retracts flush with the rocker panel when you close the door. The whole process is automatic. You don't need to push any buttons, because the Powersteps deploy automatically using your SUV or truck's factory-installed door sensors.

Where to buy

Powersteps can be expensive if you do not know where to buy. Only ElectricStep.Com can give you the best bargain prices. We are confident that we offer the lowest advertised rates in the United States. If you find a lower advertised rate, we'll be more than happy to match it.

Please browse our Powersteps catalog in this website. We provide all the support you need, from truck compatibility lists to downloadable brochures and installation manuals.

Please note that some vehicle models require diodes, so which you can order at absolutely no charge. Please specify your vehicle's year model when you order, so we can include the diodes