Retractable Running Boards

Thanks to technology and the efforts of researchers, there are now retractable running boards that allow us to board and exit our vehicles easily. Retractable running boards are very useful for vehicles like trucks, SUVs, RVs, or other automobiles that are significantly large and have high elevation from the ground. These running boards are developed by AMP Research and are available here.

Retractable versus stationary running boards

Retractable running boards are way better than those that are already attached and cannot be moved from your vehicle unless you manually disassemble them yourself. Compared to traditional running boards, these retractable ones are able to deploy from the rocker panel when you open your vehicle's door. It adjusts itself correctly to a height and position that is comfortable for users to step on when boarding or exiting the vehicle. Then, when you close the door, it retracts back under the vehicle, behind the OEM rocker panels. It will seem like it was never there at all.

How they work

These automatic running boards from AMP Research are the finest of their kind in the market. They are easy to install and can work with any vehicle. Technically, they deploy and retract according to the electronic signals they receive from the factory door sensors. They can deploy and retract quickly so you won't have to watch and wait for it to activate or hide back under your vehicle anymore.

Sturdy products

Retractable running boards can endure weight of up to 600 lbs and can resist wearing and tearing caused by long-term or repetitive use and extreme weather conditions. They are also flat and wide enough to accommodate your feet so you won't wobble or go off-balance when you step on them. These running boards can also extend from 10 to 12 inches outward so you and your passengers can naturally step in and out of your vehicle. The step itself has anti-slip properties, which allows for efficient use even in damp, wet, or snowy weather. Furthermore, it can endure humid and extremely hot climates.

Automatic running boards for your vehicle

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