Running Boards


In a nutshell, running boards are a flat and sometimes tubular piece placed along the side of a vehicle, usually found on early model cars.


Heavy-duty trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps can be difficult to enter and exit. In fact, it takes a considerable amount of maneuvering to adequately get in and out of high vehicles. Absent of the right assistance, mishaps can take place. If you are searching for a secure means of getting in and out of your vehicle, a pair of running boards is the answer. The security that you feel when a pair of running boards are installed on your vehicle are worth the investment. Running boards are that "missing link” that makes your vehicle complete.

Running boards have been proven to be the perfect way to suitably get in and out of a vehicle with high ground clearance. In addition, running boards have a nice sleek appearance, at least the more high-quality ones do. They have a modernistic look while remaining practical. They enhance your vehicle’s appearance while remaining completely functional. Your daily needs are met when it comes to taking advantage of all that your vehicle can offer you while ameliorating your vehicle’s general functionality.


The best running boards have a deployable feature and work effortlessly in any weather condition in all seasons. Ice, snow, harsh rain, mud, grime, and any climate is not too tough for quality-designed running boards. Light, yet sturdy, running boards are built with robust, die-cast linkage technology and made with aircraft quality aluminum. Moreover, these running boards are coated with a black oxide and Teflon veneer for complete oxidization protection. Superior performing stainless steel hinge-points and bearings provide guaranteed trouble-free functioning. Due to vigorous testing, the strong electric motor in top-quality running boards is verified dependable and maintenance free for the lifetime of your vehicle.

The deployable running boards are completely extendable and hardy. They disappear beneath the vehicle when not in use. After closing the door of your vehicle, there is nothing to show that deployable running boards are installed. This is a wonderful advantage because deployable running boards stay out of sight and allows your vehicle to retain its sleek and uncluttered appearance.

What’s more, for those of you who prefer to ride through rough terrain, it is not necessary to be bothered with ground clearance. Dissimilar to stationary running boards, deployable running boards remain free from debris and other disruptions; thereby, not interfering with the running boards performance. Superior produced deployable running boards function evenly with fits and starts. This makes it more secure when entering and exiting your vehicle.


Inthe past and possibly in the future, gas prices have been a much talked about subject, especially the influence gas prices have on owners of larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. Due to aerodynamics’ influence on "pull and weight,” these two factors affect fuel efficiency, and large vehicle owners are looking to find ways to decrease variables. Well-designed running boards can do both, while continuously allowing you to maintain the expediency and safety of the quality full-length running boards offer.

Running boards should be lightweight whether they are deployable or not. Considering this aspect by itself, the running boards will not affect gas mileage. As a matter of fact, if they are made from high-strength aluminum, you may discover that they are 10% to 20% less than the average OEM running boards for aftermarket steel-tube running boards.

A good pair of running boards should work flawlessly while boosting safety, comfort, and fuel efficiency. Deployable running boards are more efficient because they eradicate the drag produced by traditional stationary running boards. In this way, they are aerodynamically superior and provide flawless execution.


The step action of running boards functions due to an underscored aluminum-extrusion that can effortlessly hold up to 600-lbs each side. The running board configuration is broad and flat allowing for secure foot positioning. If you select automatic running boards, they lower and then protrude 10 to 12-inches, allowing the driver and passenger to make a safe step when getting in and out of your vehicle. Because of their non-slip textured surface that works regardless of weather conditions, well-designed running boards will work flawlessly, Additional features include:

  • An extension-arm that is sold individually is available to supply an additional two-inches of height for lifted-trucks.Each Automatic Running Board comes with bright LED lights, allowing users to see in the darkest areas
  • Hides underneath your vehicle when doors are close for complete ground-clearance
  • Functions superbly with front and rear door usage
  • Each Automatic Running Board easily holds a minimum of 600-lbs each side and is tested for pliability against numerous weather conditions
  • Robust, cast aluminum-alloy arms allow Automatic Running Boards to lower up to six inches to a comfortable stepping position when a door opens and disappears beneath the vehicle when the door closes
  • Every Automatic Running Board comes with an adaptable light kit, encased fasteners to withstand corrosion, climate resistance, pinch-proof technology, and pressure sensitivity
  • Automatic Running Boards extend downwards when any door opens and retracts when the door is closed
  • An additional 6.25 inches of broad-step is generated with extruded-aluminum together with a fantastic hard-wearing powder finish that incorporates no-slip technology
  • Automatic Running Board kits consists of wiring harness and controller, weather resistant motors, two-steps, LED light and hardware.


A top-quality set of running boards will function in the way they are supposed to, which means making it easier for SUV, truck, and jeep owners to enter and exit their vehicle. Because of quality weatherproofing and electrical components, quality running boards will function smoothly and are not exposed to or damaged by rough weather conditions.

The best running boards will continue to do their duty even after the warranty runs out. They are built for a lifetime; therefore, if you purchase good running boards you can take pleasure in the fact that you are receiving your money’s worth, and that they are a worthwhile investment.

Modern deployable automatic running boards are the best investment on the market today. Sleek designs with climate proof veneers make these types of running boards a sure bet if you have a tight budget. That’s because they are built to last for many years.

Ifyou own a heavy-duty vehicle, then you are really missing out on getting complete use out of your vehicle. Besides the automatic functioning of deployable running boards, they add to the value of your vehicle as well.


There are various types of running boards designed to fit most full-sized SUV models and trucks whether domestic or imported. A few popular vehicles that suit running boards are GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan, and Chevy Avalanche, and many more. Undoubtedly, running boards are an innovative accessory utilized and in demand by most of the automotive industry.


Deployable running boards are technologically constructed to operate during extreme conditions. Being tested in intense environmental driving conditions, deployable running boards are a necessity for heavy-duty vehicles. With a lightweight, dependable construction, running boards are constructed from high-quality aluminum, coated with a black-oxide and Teflon finish for complete oxidization fortification. Of course, this is only true if you purchase from one of the more noble and respected manufacturers running board. Superior functioning bearing and stainless steel hinge-points grant unproblematic functioning. Moreover, the reliable electric motor is designed and tested to supply unflinching, maintenance free performance for many years.

The deployable running board design has proven to be a much needed assistant to women as well. Women experience more security because of the running board’s secure construction. Today, women are driving heavy-duty trucks and many experts feel that this upward trend is because women are managing businesses and require larger vehicles to transport supplies to clients. Additionally, running boards that disappear when not in use fit the taste of women truck drivers perfectly. Plus, the sleek modern design is reliable functional, extend and retract running board. These running boards are a complement to women as well. With their smooth design, up-to-date construction and functionality, deployable running boards have become a "much needed friend” for women who drive heavy-duty vehicles.

Another thing, the extremely light, yet sturdy running boards are build with strong, die-cast linkage machinery and crafted with the best in automotive parts and accessories. Aircraft quality-aluminum, covered with a black oxide and Teflon finish for complete oxidization protection. Top performing materials such as stainless steel hinge-points and bearings ensure flawless functioning. Furthermore, the reliable electric motor should be tested in the best deployable running boards to supply maintenance free performance for the life of your vehicle.


Unlike the previous heavy-duty trucks that were used mainly for construction and agricultural purposes, currently a minimum of 25% of end-users buy pickup truck for many business. Similarly, SUVs were used mainly for work; however, a movement is changing innumerable consumers purchase of SUVS for bigger families, road trips, and business. For example, Baby Boomers are a growing segment of the population in the United States in the realm of more than 70 million people with the overall buying power of approximately $40 billion.

Another category of baby-boomers are those with children. This group symbolize an increased number of adults who are concerned about safety. Due to the way the running boards function (if they are deployable); children find it easier entering and exiting high-clearance heavy-duty vehicles. Parent’s feel more secure about their children loading into high vehicles when they have a reliable, good quality, respected model running board installed on their vehicle.

In addition, women feel more secure because of the design and construction of quality running boards. Besides running their own businesses, women are also transporting their children to activities, picking children up from school, and maybe taking care of an elderly parent where a larger vehicle would be more practical.


The key purpose of running boards is to provide you with the comfort you need when getting in and out of your SUV or truck. If this is what you are looking for, running boards are the answer. Stepping in and out of your vehicle with fear of falling or with discomfort will be a thing of the past. This is one of the reasons why running boards are such a fantastic investment. Actually, running boards can assist with tackling the physical discomfort of getting in and out of your vehicle in a matter of seconds.

Running boards are an appealing automotive apparatus and suits anyone who owns a truck or SUV. The need to enter and exist these types of vehicles comfortably is important. In addition, many individuals use their trucks and SUVS for more than casual use, for some it’s part of their livelihood!

Running boards are practical. A sharp design with weatherproof finishing makes running boards worth every cent of your investment. The practicality of this automotive accessory stems from their hardy-functionality, modern design, and ease of use. It’s simple, but that’s what makes running boards what they are and why they are so sought after. They work, they look good, the price is sensible, and they are a practical addition to any SUV or truck, what more can you ask for


The automotive industry has been revolutionized by automatic running boards. It seems that a sensible automotive accessory like automatic running boards would be automatically installed on every high-clearance vehicle! It seems impossible to own such a vehicle without the assistance of running boards. Their practicality and safety makes them a necessity for just these types of transportation.

Installing running boards on your vehicle should be an automatic thought when purchasing a truck or SUV. It should automatically come with the territory. The sophisticated design does not distract from a vehicle’s overall appearance so there is really no excuse not to have them. In fact, automatic running boards should become mandatory!

If anything is worth investing in for vehicle safety and enhancement, it’s running boards. An automotive accessory investment for heavy-duty vehicles that is sensible as well is not easy to come by. Installing running boards is the cleverest thing any SUV or truck owner can do. Just think of installing running boards as a "step-up.” It’s an investment you will be glad you made. Purchase your quality running boards today; you will be glad you did!