Step Rails

Running boards, side tubes, nerf bars, step rails, they are all pretty much the same. With today’s styles and finishes, they look great and work flawlessly. The need for step rails has increased as trucks and SUVs have become more elevated. In addition, step rails provide a number of features and advantages as well.


Step rails are built to add the utmost functionality to your vehicle and impart a safe, secure footing. Each aluminum bar is produced utilizing the best quality components to provide years of performance, engineered to an ideal match for your SUV or truck. Regardless of the finish and materials, all work together to provide a robust and hard-hitting product that does exactly what it is supposed to do: offer you stability and safety

In addition, step rails are constructed with hard-wearing, lightweight aluminum and UV-resistant rubber. You will find them manufactured in various lengths to fit the make, model, and year of your SUV or truck. Here are the benefits of installing step rails on your heavy-duty vehicle:

  • An additional boost into your cab accessibility
  • Secure stepping in all types of weather
  • A number of shapes and designs
  • Hardwearing substances for complete strength
  • A large amount of finish options for an sleek and rugged appearance
  • Strong mounting in a short amount of time

Simple To Do Installation

Pre-assembled step rails install easily. The mounting brackets are manufactured and designed for a bespoke fitting so that it matches perfectly with your vehicle, and after it is installed, you will experience additional safety and expediency for many years to come.

The best quality step rails are engineered to brilliantly adhere to their purpose. With easy installation and built to last parts, you will find step rails at a number of outlets, but remember to always check for the best quality and for the design and length that suits your vehicle.

Step Rails Provide That Extra Boost

Whether you have a monster truck or a low-rolling medium sized SUV, there are times when it can be a hassle to make full use of your vehicle due to height issues. What you need is that extra step. This is the space that step rails are used to fill. There’s nothing like that extra boost when you need it. Step rails can be a relief after a tumultuous day. It’s easy to step up, get in, and go! In addition, consider your passengers. The strong, hardwearing step rail will provide a great standard of safety and peace of mind for your passengers who may have difficulty entering and exiting a high vehicle like SUVs and trucks.

What’s more, step rails are designed to take a beating. They are built to handle day-to-day use under all types of climate conditions. Because of the way they attach to your vehicle, it means that your step rails are secure and sturdy and can handle whatever you throw at them.

Step rails can also handle an incredible weight capacity. The standard step rails can hold 300 lbs or even more. Due to the step rail’s steel construction and heavy-duty frame mount brackets, a heavy weight is something they are equipped to handle. The best quality step rails aluminum support frame beneath the stepping surface, these well-designed step rails can sometimes handle up to 500 lbs depending on the manufacturer and model.

The Basics Of Safe Stepping With Step Rails

When the weather is wet and icy, it’s easy for your footing to become unstable. This is why step rails feature treaded pads that will help you grip on to the step prior to climbing inside your heavy-duty vehicle. The weather-resistant pads include a special groove design that directs water away from the stepping surface.

Non Slip Tread Pad

Besides providing a non-slip surface for stepping, step rails helps to prevent all types of dirt and grime from messing up your vehicle’s carpet. The treaded pad is an idea place to wipe your shoes. This easily allows you to get rid of all types of sticky substances like mud and snow. The multiple weather step pad is held in place by a very strong epoxy resin that is secure enough to last the life of the step rails.


Tire steps are the idea accessory for owners of mid-range to larger vehicles, who need to quickly gain access to high areas on their vehicles that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Designed mainly for RVs, SUVs, and light-trucks, a robust, secure tire step will effortlessly slip over the front or rear tires of your vehicle. Tire steps are modifiable and should be able to fit tires at a reasonable width. For example, tire steps that fit up to 12.5 inches are considered a standard size, with a 22 inch x 10 inch step base that can be modified to at least three different heights.

Quality and well-built tire steps should support at least 400 lbs, permitting vehicle owners to reach those spots that were so difficult to access previously without running inside the garage or home to fetch a stool or ladder. That’s another thing, tire steps are sturdier than a stool or ladder because they clamp onto your tire securely. When you are not using your tire step, you can simply fold it up into a flat position and store it in the trunk of your trunk, cab, or wherever you find space, which shouldn’t be too much of an issue as it is a compact size and lightweight.

Why Are Tire Steps So Great For Your Light Truck, RV, or SUV?

Tire steps are a handy piece of equipment, compactable, and simple to use that makes it easier for you to do everyday things whether you use your vehicle for work or occasionally. Whether you are going on a camping trip, working in the garage, packing objects in the trunk of your truck, or washing your vehicle, things will run smoother with tire steps.

It’s much safer to use tire steps than to take the risk of slipping on a bucket or stool, which makes doing what you need to do more difficult and awkward. You can do whatever you need to much easier and faster! Quality made tire steps have a comfortable size step, adequate adjustment possibilities, and high-quality construction. In addition, the tire step will work just as easily on your front or rear wheels without any complications. As mentioned earlier, due to easy storage, you can always have your tire step with you just in case. Therefore, the next time you find yourself needing a boost when trying to reach a tight spot on your vehicle, you have the convenience and expediency of your tire steps at your command.

Three Tiered Width And Height Adaptability

RVs, SUVs, and light trucks require not only diverse tire sizes; they are also diverse in height. These disparities are the motivational force in back of the tire step’s dual modification functionality. First of all, the tire step is fully adjustable in three various widths, guaranteeing that it will be able to fit over just about any tire size and safely support hundreds of pounds. In spite of the vehicle, the tire step’s numerous vertical settings make certain that you will always have the possibility to reach your vehicle’s roof, engine components, stored objects, windows, and to clean those areas that would be hard to get to and see otherwise.

Completely Assembled

Tire steps are ready to use right out of the box. You can’t get much easier than that! With a few quick modifications to fit your vehicle’s tires, you will be more than ready to step-up and do whatever you have set out to do in a matter of minutes. Going on a road trip, you will have no problem attaching your luggage, canoe, or bicycle to the roof of your vehicle. Going skiing and need to get those skis secure to vehicle’s roof, tire steps are to the rescue. There’s no simpler way to handle a situation that can be complex, especially for older individuals or people of smalls stature.

Key Features Of Tire Steps Include:

  • Capable of holding up to 400lbs
  • Can fit 12.5 inch tires, some even larger
  • Adapts to several positions in width and height
  • Some include storage bag
  • Black powder coat veneer
  • 22 inch wide x 10 inch deep stepping pad, on most standard models
  • Constructed from durable steel and anti-rust black powder veneer
  • Skid free step surface pattern
  • Folds flat
  • Generous warranty

Tire steps are a necessity for every SUV, pickup, and lightweight truck owner. Tire steps are super convenient and allows you to get more functionality out of your vehicle. You can safely and easily access hard to reach places of your vehicle and perform various maintenance tasks on hard to reach spots. Tire steps are modifiable to several heights and widths with a simple push of your finger on two spring buttons.

Tire Steps On The Road

Whether you are traveling with your kayak, motorbike, or suitcase, you want to make sure it is secure for movement. However, unless you are a strong bodybuilder, getting objects on the roof of your vehicle can be a hassle. Forget about unstable chairs, ladders, and other contraptions, tire steps will serve your needs without fuss and at a reasonable price. In fact, tire steps are not expensive at all, for what they offer. Most come with a life long guarantee of the product and you can’t beat that! Instead of twisting and turning to reach your roof, a boost with a tire step will make your efforts seem effortless.

Convenience And Portability

Tire steps are completely compact and portable. Tire steps are akin to a small stepladder that fits over your tire, creating a stable, sturdy platform for reaching difficult spots on your vehicle. Tire steps are convenient whether washing your rig, or when you are trying to reach that tight spot. Use it when you are checking your brake-fluid, and you will probably save your self back discomfort. Investing in tire steps is a clever move and once you have these convenient easy to install steps, you will wonder how did you ever do without them! Your tire steps won’t let you down.


For complete road mastery, capability, and to get total use out of your vehicle, step rails and tire steps are undoubtedly a must. If you own a heavy-duty vehicle, truck, or SUV, step rails may be your choice. If you own an SUV, UV, or lightweight vehicle, tire steps will serve you well. In fact, these types of mechanisms are not simply about function, they are stylish, look sleek, while also being practical and economical. They are the perfect means of going from difficult to easy, when it comes to getting full use out of your vehicle.

Most stepping gadgets for your vehicle come in two veneer choices: smooth black powder coating or highly-polished steel. Polished models include stainless steel construction, which means that the reflective veneer will not fade, taint, decay, or lose its effectiveness. Powder coated modes consist of a faultless black surface that withstand chips and abrasions.

In addition, when it comes to the best in automotive accessories, AMP Research is a leader in the field. Known for top quality automotive accompaniments, you are guaranteed to have the best materials, warranties, and price when purchasing your vehicle accessory. Check out the AMP Research Power Step when you need that extra boost getting in and out of your vehicle. The company’s automotive accessory designs are at the top of their class. When you need assistance with getting in and out of your vehicle, or when you need to reach tough spots, step rails and tire steps are not only a practical choice, they are a stylish, added accessory that does not interfere with your vehicle’s functionality while also adding sleekness and style to your ride.