The AMP Research Bed Step

The AMP Research Bed Step Remains the Top Accessory Choice for Pickups

Making your pickup more secure got easier when the AMP Research Bed Step came on the market. The Bed Step is designed for convenience and comfort while appearing sleek and sturdy. The AMP Research Bed Step is easy to install and use. For example, with just a tap of your foot, the Bed Step responds. Afterwards, the Bed Step politely vanishes under the bumper of your heavy-duty vehicle, leaving room for a trailer or other object.

The AMP Research Bed Step functionality is a dream. The retraction pivot-points are manufactured from stainless steel pins that swerve up or down flawlessly, while still granting firm support. In fact, the AMP Research Bed Step is a tool that is simply designed to bring the most comfort to the user. It suits most pickups; therefore, it is quite adaptable as well. It's a "must have” and at such an affordable price, the AMP Research Bed Step is an accessory that every truck owner should have. Actually, the Bed Step should be a requirement on every truck model sold because it's so practical!

Never mind how you use your truck. Whether it is for work, play, or to transfer loads, the AMP Research Bed Step will surely make using your pickup simpler and handier. Another advantage of having the AMP Research attached to your truck is that you will find more uses for it, or perhaps a family member will be able to carry out certain chores due to the convenience of having the Bed Step installed. The AMP Research Bed Step is not only useful, it's inspiring as well!


The AMP Research Bed Step is an extremely versatile tool even though the design is quite straightforward. The Bed Step is perfect for women who use trucks in their daily lives as well. Perhaps you have a large family and the truck is the main means of transportation. In fact, the AMP Research Bed Step is so easy to operate; even a child could do it! Though this is not recommended. In addition, the Bed Step should not only be affiliated with the idea that it is a tool just for men. The versatility of the AMP Research Bed Step makes it perfect for anyone who needs it!


  • Teflon finished aluminum-alloy arm
  • Slip resistant composite stepping pad
  • Has no effect on ground clearance
  • Grants easy access to tools and other objects
  • Attaches directly in the rear of your cab, on either side of your pickup
  • Can withstand up to 300lbs
  • Hands-free usability allows easy access even when transferring heavy loads
  • Built with pivot points for hassle free action
  • Self-lubing bushings
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA


The AMP Research Bed Step is technically designed for heavy-duty pickups and specifically manufactured for easy installation. Clearly, AMP Research was way ahead of its time with the Bed Step accessory because it so easily accommodates most truck models. The AMP Research Bed Step is an inimitable piece of equipment. The Bed Step is especially designed to fit the body as well. There's no need for irregular movements, bending over, or leaving your truck with soiled hands. There's no need to ever touch your AMP Research Bed Step. Everything is in the foot-action with the Bed Step. It's a pickup truck accessory that stands on its own, meaning there's no need for any other outside accessory for your truck once you install the Bed Step. Because the AMP Research Bed Step offers a lifetime of use, no one can argue with the price! Now, that's being resourceful and practical simultaneously.


Pickup beds on heavy-duty trucks are constructed higher from the ground on today's models. This makes the AMP Research Bed Step even more popular. Pickup truck owners require the convenience that a Bed Step brings to hold their weight and to resist different types of weather conditions. The AMP Research Bed Step manages to do all of that and more. The AMP Research Bed Step has always been ahead of its time. Not due to any type of complicated design, but because of the very simplicity of the design and because it functions so faultlessly. The design looks good, works perfectly, and reasonably price. A triple header that many similar models will find hard to imitate.

An additional benefit of the AMP Research Bed Step is that it allows access even if there is another accessory or trailer attached to your pickup. This is made easy because the Bed Step is bumper-mounted at the bend of the truck. This clears the way for other things that needs to be done when your Bed Step is not in use. This is one of the reasons why the AMP Research Bed Step is so successful, practicality and design rolled into one can't be beat!


In numerous ways, AMP Research has taken something very common and made it completely new. The proof is in the straightforwardness of the Bed Step itself. In many ways, it's as if AMP Research stepped into the future to bring back to the here and now, a revolutionary design that has been seen before, but never designed and marketed in the same way. What you have today is a modernized, sleek, splendidly created product built to last and economical.

It's not so common today to find products that really perform as they are advertised to. AMP Research is one of those exceptions. They are serious about what they do and it shows. It's simple and easy and that’s what makes it so complex! The secret to the success of the AMP Research Bed Step is not all the frivolities; it's the straightforwardness of the Bed Step concept that makes it such a winner.

One last thought, AMP Research was recently turned over to the hands of Lund International, an innovative company in its own right. The company has taken the wheel of AMP Research and has promised to guide it in the same direction it has always been headed. Which means more innovative products with sleek designs and great prices. The acquisition of AMP Research by Lund International has not taken away from any of the products of AMP Research. This means that the AMP Research Bed Step is still as available as it ever was and will retain its unique style and performance.