The AMP Research Legacy, Part I

Chapter 5

What makes a company like AMP Research so exceptional? Perhaps it's their knack for creating useful, pioneering, one-dimensional, automotive parts that illustrate their talent for intuitively, and by understanding what is required in the automotive industry for everyday consumers. Although AMP Research underwent a change of ownership not too long ago (which we will be written about in more detail in the last chapter) the AMP Research legacy will not be comprised. However, AMP Research created a bequest that will remain regardless of who is at the helm of the company. The history of the company will always resonate with its exceptional reputation.

AMP Research produced simple well thought out products like the PowerStep, BedStep 2, and Bed-XTender, which placed the company above many of its competitors, though the "Horst Link" was the beginning of a trail of revolutionary products that swept through the automotive industry. For example, products designs like the Bed-XTender are featured in some of the highest-flying automotive magazines as a leading contender for the best innovative product honors. Yet, this doesn't place any less shine on other AMP Research designs; in fact, it only enhances them since all endeavors from the company are related in quality and ingenuity. Undoubtedly, AMP Research has been, and still is, even though under new leadership, a principal trailblazer in the automotive accessory market. The very name of the company echoes practicality, quality, and innovation.

AMP Research has remained true to their origin by producing up-to-the-minute, qualitative, polished designs for all types of pickups and SUVs. AMP Research automotive fabrications have been utilized on vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, Subaru Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Fiat, Chrysler, Kia, Hyundai, GM, and Ford. Moreover, the company's founder Horst Leitner managed to register an amazing number of patents for bikes, motorcycles, vehicles, and other products.

The conceptualization of AMP Research is clear-cut and transparent. They create a product, perfect it, wind-it-up, and distribute it. The process is simplified in words; however, from beginning to end takes great concentration and imagination. Multifaceted automotive matters usually require definite solutions. AMP Research managed to branch-out and take the helm of a very competitive industry. Though the company's designs were practical in their application, there is no other automotive company that developed usable products for automotive purposes so soundly.

Furthermore, even though AMP Research was established prior to the Internet age, it has managed to break into cyberspace with ease. You will find products from the company on well-known websites like eBay and Amazon as well. For example, products like Vintage AMP Research Fork Brake Cable Hangers to Fork/Disc Brake Cantilever Mounts can be purchased on eBay. AMP Research has their own website that offers products that includes a blog, support, media, and more. For instance, you will find information on contests, events, new products, tech bulletins, videos, tech-tip videos, and the various AMP Research affiliations. To make the transition from a company pre-Internet to a company much-loved by Internet users, takes great planning and adeptness. The Internet has automotive companies from all over the world; therefore, it’s not an easy feat to make a brand as popular in cyberspace as it is in the brick 'n' mortar world.

Let's face it, being based in California certainly helped. With Silicon Valley being the "mother" of technology innovation, the inspiration and motivation to step into the world of technology was certainly all around the AMP Research environment, though the company was always "technologically advanced" due to its revolutionary products.

AMP Research managed to put their "twist" on automotive design that gave the company their own brand of excellence. They have always been a leader, and hectic world of technology has not dampened the drive of the company in the least. Each product is manufactured for resilience against all types of weather conditions. Their products are state-of-the-art but rugged enough to be used everyday, regardless of how much it is used within a given day.

Another thing, dependability and quality are what continue to keep AMP Research at the top of the automotive accessories world. The company consistently stressed products that enhanced their customer's vehicles and made them more functional. Whether using the adaptable PowerStep, BedStep2, or Bed-XTender, company merchandise has always been meticulously designed, produced, and manufactured to last the lifetime of any vehicle it is attached to. In fact, AMP Research has established such notoriety for excellence, and all products are coupled with a guarantee/warranty.

For consumers who only want the best in practical, well-designed, automotive accessories they turn to the innovative products that AMP Research has produced throughout its 34-year history. By making vehicles like SUVs and pickups more useful for their owners, AMP Research not only established themselves as winners in the automotive arena, but they have no qualms backing their products 100%. Indeed, such a company stands on its name alone. For instance, AMP Research has created products that have been used by celebrated brands around the world; however, the collaboration has never overpowered the company itself. In other words, the AMP Research brand was used to enhance the salability of the automotive products these companies sold, and not merely as a byproduct.

Let’s suffice to say that the functionality and presentation of automotive products that have come out of the radiance known as AMP Research brought automotive accessories to the next level. With up-to-date performance, adaptability, and economical practicality, there is little doubt why AMP Research managed to become one the hottest sellers in the automotive industry today. By maintaining a reputation for resourcefulness and distinction, AMP Research products (even under the management of a new company) will remain a staple in the automotive accessories industry for years to come.

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