Truck Hero Acquires Lund International / AMP Research

Truck Hero is a portfolio company of Highlander Partners LP based in Arbor, Michigan. The company recently acquired Lund International Holding Co., the owner of AMP Research. Without doubt, this is a completory conglomeration. The acquisition is consistent with Truck Hero’s ambition to snapAMP Research has long been a leader in the aftermarket automotive industry. For this reason, there’s little surprise that Lund International’s procurement of the company fashioned a remarkable portfolio that attracted the eye of a newly formed and innovative company by the name of Truck Hero.

In fact, AMP Research has always been a trailblazer in high-tech design for the aftermarket automotive industry. The company’s reputation is based upon revolutionary concepts that make heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and SUVs more convenient and efficient for both drivers and passengers. The company designs sleek, forward thinking automotive mechanization aligned with practical applications.

A celebrated collection of truck steps, running boards, truck bed X tenders, full suspension bikes and more, are part of what makes AMP Research well worth the notoriety and recognition it receives; clearly a visible boost to Truck Hero’s automotive accessory portfolio. In addition, consumer vehicles metamorphose into more capable machines that benefit from an improved performance and appearance. Automotive accessory brands manufactured and designed by AMP Research include the BedStep, PowerStep, Moto X-Tender, Bed X-Tender, and Alloy Fuel Doors, all trademarked by the company.

Lund International

Lund International is a trendsetting brand within itself. Established in 1965 in Anoka, Minnesota, the company’s origins dates back decades prior to its premier inauguration with one goal in mind: to spearhead the automotive industry in facilitating consumer needs for state-of-the-art automotive accessories. Esteemed brands offering smart and functional automotive accessories under the Lund umbrella include AMP Research, Rampage Products, Roll-N-Rock, and AVS, to name a few.

The company is a pioneer in top-ranking exclusive automotive accessories for a broad range of passenger cars, Jeeps, alongside light weight and heavy duty trucks. Products include nerf bars, tonneau covers, floor mats, PowerstepsTM, running boards, and more. A few of the brand names incorporated under the Lund International signature are Stampede, Bushwacker, Lund, and AMP Research.

Truck Hero

The genesis of Truck Hero results from the coupling of EXTANG and TRUXEDO, the two foremost producers of soft truck tonneau covers and caps manufactured from metal, vinyl, plastic, and a variety of other components such as folding, retractable, snap-on, and roll-up units. Both companies are commonly revered for their well-engineered and cutting-edge products. With outstanding reputations, an already established name in a vast $38 billion market, and the cleverness of combining EXTANG and TRUXEDO, Truck Hero will undoubtedly become the ultimate go-to brand for automotive accessories.

Additionally, Truck Hero offers a collection of automotive accouterments like boards, truck bed liners, bumpers, lift kits, steps and boards, and an impressive range of jeep accessories. The products are designed to boost the performance and aesthetics of heavy duty trucks by allowing consumers to personalize and tailor-make their vehicle into the superior pickup they’ve always dreamed about. In fact, Truck Hero is highly respected as a preeminent seller in the pick-up truck accessory marketplace. A bevy of respected trade names are incorporated into the grouping of Truck Hero’s innovative brands such as Omix-ADA, Retrax, BedRug, Rugged Liners, N-FAB, and Lund International, among others.

What makes Truck Hero so efficient? It’s the medley of thriving, leading brands, remarkable dispersion network, and ingenious diversification strategies. These dealings, complete the company’s attractive product portfolio that increasingly diversifies their product categories, while systematically advancing the availability of aftermarket accessories for vehicles.

President and CEO of Truck Hero Bill Reminder feels very confident about the newest acquisition of Lund International. His conviction totally supports the sensational unit of fantastic companies that Lund assembled, making it an ideal counterpart to Truck Hero and a worthwhile investment. The enthusiasm expressed by the entire team of Truck Hero, yields confidence to the concerted capabilities to promote and develop the company’s position as the leading authority for automotive aftermarket accessories. The manufacturing and marketability of leading brands that Truck Hero has acquired, by way of Lund International, will thrust innovation throughout the industry.

Seeing that AMP Research is part of the immense amalgamation of top-notch automotive accessories in the newly formed Truck Hero, the company has already obtained its place as a leader in the aftermarket industry.