Truck Power Steps

If you have been admiring your friend's fancy new truck, you have probably seen AMP running boards. Truck power steps made by AMP Research are handsome, efficient and built to last. Adding a set of AMP running boards to your truck or van will increase its value and simplify your life at the same time.

Drive a Chevy, Dodge or Nissan truck? Have we got the truck power steps for you! Do you drive a Mazda, Mitsubishi or GMC heavy duty pickup? We have great steps for your truck, too. There is no high profile vehicle made in the US or Asia today for which we cannot provide perfect truck step. If you need easy access to both sides of your truck cab, please take a nice long look at PowerSteps by AMP Research. These truck power steps are made in the style of handsome running boards. Once installed, the steps look as if they were OEM equipment that came with your truck when it was fresh from the factory.

If you've never used truck power steps, you will be delighted when you find out how a set of Powerboard™ running boards can make your life a little easier. If you have a pair of Powerboards™ on your truck, you already know how fully functional a set of running boards can be. AMP running boards enable you, your pets, your kids and your passengers to climb up into and down out of your high profile vehicle comfortably. Before truck power steps, it could be hard for anyone -especially someone with short legs- to get up into or down out of a truck, bus or van. With the assistance of automatic running boards, getting in and out of a tall truck is as easy as taking a step on a staircase at home.