Truck Running Boards

If you own a truck, then you probably need truck running boards. Even experts concur that these accessories are among the best you can ever make for your truck. Should you buy one? Read this guide to find out.

The benefits of truck running boards

It doesn't matter if you use your truck for recreation or for work,? chances are, you find getting and out of it a bit difficult (even if you are blessed with long limbs). The challenge is even greater for women, who always welcome accessories that could make alighting and entering trucks more graceful. This is where truck running boards come in. Sometimes called foot boards, nerf bars, or simply truck steps, truck running boards can help drivers and passengers (especially children and the elderly) easily get in and out of trucks.

Unfortunately, many trucks, SUVs, and conversion vans do not include running boards as standard factory features. That is why you need to buy them as additional accessories.

Running board 101

Truck running boards are usually installed beneath the doors, on the sides of your truck. Most are made of fiberglass or chrome. Among the most popular ones is the Power Step from AMP Research. These automatic running boards make alighting and climbing in much easier for you and your passengers by extending your truck's regular steps down to a more ergonomic level.

The Power Step automatic running boards work automatically. They are set off by your truck's factory door sensors. It extends within just a few seconds when you open the door. When you close the door, the Power Step retracts. Equipped with weatherproof and heavy-duty motor, the Power Step works even when there's snow or rain, so you never have to worry.

Buying a running board for your truck

ElectricStep.Com offers truck running boards at the lowest prices possible. That's right,? the lowest prices. If you find an advertised price lower than ours, just tell us,? we'll be happy to match that price.? The deal just doesn't get better!

The truck running board kit you will buy already includes the running board assemblies (for both left and right side), a control module, mounting hardware, wiring harness (OEM quality), and a detailed installation guide. You can probably install the Power Step truck running board yourself if you are skilled at drilling and wiring. Simply download the instruction manuals from ElectricStep.Com when you buy your Power Step. If you are not familiar with working with vehicle frames, then seek the help of professional installers.