RealTruck AMP Research PowerStep Automotive Accessories

RealTruck is an automotive part and accessory retail company offering well-designed quality products and innovative solutions for trucks, pickups, SUVs, Jeeps, and more. Besides offering established products like the PowerStep, BedStep, hood deflectors, tailgate adjusters, and cargo box transfer kits, RealTruck’s extensive product range also includes wheels and tires for automobiles in addition to batteries, clothing, and a host of other complementary automotive parts and gear.

RealTruck has subdivisions internationally and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Referred to as a leading manufacturer of all things that makes trucks look like trucks, RealTruck provides accessories for Broncos, Jeeps including products for off-road aficionados worldwide. On top of that, the company utilizes the B2C sales model in the auto market and tech fields.

RealTruck Accessory Products

Cargo Liners, Truck Racks, and Lift Kits

With a hefty variety of lift kits, truck racks, and cargo liners, RealTruck has the perfect products to line the bed or wheel wells of your pickup. Protecting the most important metal surfaces is essential and this is why RealTruck Husky Liners are ideal for tackling the job.

If you require additional cab protection with style, the Backrack Trace Rack is the way to go. Besides that, a broad range of ring-and-pinion sets, lift kits, are ready to be shipped directly to
your door from the company or an affiliate website.

Lighting Kits, Floor Mats, and Bug Shields

While traveling on rough terrain or on the highway, you will no doubt encounter pesky insects that will make your windshield look like an insect smash fest. RealTruck has the solution. The company offers both bug shields and AVS vent visors that have been labeled as some of the best on the market.

What about a tailgate or floor mat? The RealTruck Rampage Catch-It Floor Mats are the real deal and are sure to be precisely what you’re looking for. In addition, if you’re in need of special lighting, the company stocks impressive lighting solutions. Everything from bed lights, LED bars, and the awesome Havoc Trail Series XL 50” LED light Bar will give your truck that uniqueness that so many pickup owners crave. Many more vendible illuminating products are also available.

Tonneau Covers and Running Boards

Looking to upgrade your truck? RealTruck has got your back with their all-encompassing impenetrable weather protective, security, and cargo arrangement accessories. Your truck bed will be easier to manage and still look good too. Additionally, RealTruck’s tonneau covers are made from industry-leading manufacturers like TruXedo, BAK and others.

RealTruck is More Than Just an Automotive Parts Dealer

RealTruck has over 5000 affiliates providing top quality service from 72 locations spanning four continents. What’s more, RealTruck has an impressive unmatched portfolio that entails various labels like Husky Liners consummate automobile protection brand, AMP Research, GATOR, LUND, and more. Real Truck boasts a massive 850+ patents with more patents pending.

With so much on the ball, RealTruck comprehensive retail approach provides an extensive consumer relationship online as well. With a website that’s easy to navigate, wide-ranging product availability, straightforward product descriptions, and an uncomplicated check-out system, RealTruck is the all-around leading automotive accessory provider hands down. Additionally, if you’re the type that prefers a hands-on approach, RealTruck has over 12,000 automotive (OEM) and dealer networks waiting to serve you. Not to mention, RealTruck offers an online platform with a variety of categories offering external and internal accessories, performance parts such as mass air-flow sensors, exhaust systems, air filters, fuel system parts, and more.

Visit for additional information. The website provides clear-cut images including precise descriptions of the many products they provide.

RealTruck Values

As a leading automotive accessory company, RealTruck has maintained its prestige and values by continuing to deliver top quality products coupled with impeccable customer service. These
values include:


Putting customers first.


A determined effort to do things thoroughly and accurately.


By keeping their word to offer the best products possible, RealTruck has earned the reputation as a reputable company that’s always searching for solutions and for standing by their word.


There’s no lack of innovation as the company adheres to a policy of practical yet innovative products along with a determined quest to always expand and improve.
By maintaining values and unprecedented workmanship RealTruck is the leading vertically integrated truck, Jeep, and off-road parts and accessories brand manufacturer in all of North America.

RealTruck AMP RESEARCH PowerStep

If you’re searching for the perfect running board, RealTruck AMP Research PowerStep offers the best selection money can buy. Regardless of the PowerStep you choose, your RealTruck AMP Research PowerStep will automatically be a step-up in your trucks design and functionality.

The AMP Research RealTruck PowerStep is one of the company’s most well-known innovations. It’s easy to see why. It looks good, it works good, and it’s practical. This sleek running board is created with every intention of providing the ultimate in functionality and aesthetic appeal. The AMP Research PowerStep is ideal for trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, and vans. All pickup trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps will find the AMP Research PowerStep the ideal accessory. Besides, having a set of AMP Research running boards installed on your pickup will enhance the convenience, practicality, and appearance of your truck.

The AMP Research patented PowerStep is heavy-duty. This is because RealTruck Amp Research is not known for cutting corners. The company makes it their business to offer customers the best in PowerStep design and appeal.

By utilizing superior materials, AMP Research PowerSteps meet the requirements as one of, if not the best, running boards on the automotive market. Die-cast aluminum together with a powerful alloy like stainless steel culminates into corrosion resistance and superb durability. On top of that, the PowerStep’s surface is aerated with military level PTFE coating that protects the underlying alloy from abrasions and oxidation. The smooth satiny black veneer imparts a contemporary yet classic look.

The PowerStep Running Board is sleek yet sturdy. The tread design provides the ultimate in traction on any terrain. The product’s aerodynamic performance is one of the reasons that the AMP Research PowerStep is so popular. It won’t interfere with your truck’s overall appearance and heightens your vehicle’s functionality.

To make your ride more serviceable and aesthetically pleasing, consider the AMP Research Real Truck PowerStep. It’s more than just a truck accessory, it’s a necessity for any pickup owner who wants to get the most out of their ride.

PowerStep Specs

Automatic Retraction

The PowerStep instinctively deploys when the door is opened and retracts after a three-second pause after the door is closed.
Lower Deployed Step Many stationary running boards stop one-to-two-inches below the body of the truck. This distance is uncomfortable and inconvenient for passengers. The AMP Research RealTruck PowerStep running board drops lower. Making it handy for passengers to step into your truck without unnecessary hassles.

Unequaled Ground Clearance

Consider the expediency of having a running board that retracts under your vehicle while also retaining your truck’s aesthetic appeal. The AMP Research RealTruck PowerStep provides fantastic ground clearance while driving and deploys only when needed.

Broad Step Surface

The AMP Research PowerStep provides a generous six-inches off the ground making it suitable for any type of footwear.
Fitted LED Lighting

Two pairs of LED lights are integrated into the AMP Research RealTruck PowerStep providing adequate illumination and to increase safety when entering and exiting your vehicle. What’s more, the lighting triggers when the PowerStep is activated and turns off when the step retracts.

RealTruck AMP Research PowerStep Prospects

  • 600 pound load capacity
  • superior, single motor design
  • six-inch wide, cab-length steps
  • die cast aluminum construction, corrosion resistant
  • Military grade black PTFE finish
  • Low key, integrated LED courtesy lights
  • Ridged, slip resistant step surface
  • Mounts to truck’s rocker panel
  • Optional override switch
  • Updated applications links to OBDII port via a plug-n-play component

AMP Research PowerStep Installation

All RealTruck AMP Research PowerSteps include a vehicle specific guide and mount-kit along with a pair of running boards, bracketry, wires, hardware, and motors for complete installation. If needed, a plug-n-play OBDII module is available. Professional installation is the best way to go for all PowerSteps; however, anyone proficient in DIY and truck accessory installations could probably do a good job as well. The installment guide includes a comprehensive list of tools required to complete the installation and the approximate time needed to do so. Video installation guides can be found on the RealTruck Amp Research PowerStep website.


  • Each PowerStep set comes with a five-year limited warranty.
  • Any defects in workmanship and/or materials on select AMP Research products correctly installed per supplied instructions excluding those listed under the three-year warranty are covered.
  • The warranty does not incorporate products from AMP Research direct or indirect affiliates.
  • The warranty lasts five-years from the date of sale. The warranty terminates if the product is disconnected from the original vehicle or if the original vehicle is no longer associated withanother owner. The warranty is no longer valid if it is transferred from the original purchaser.
  • The RealTruck AMP Research PowerStep, at its own discretion, will repair or replace any defective product at no additional charge to the purchaser. Nonetheless, there will be labor charges associated with the reinstalling or removing of the product. If a certain product is nolonger available, AMP Research has the option to replace the product with a newer model of the same quality and functionality.

The Bottom Line

RealTruck is the ultimate go-to online destination for trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, and more. If you’re into the authentic pickup truck way of life, and prefer a company that knows how to service
customers with the best quality automotive products on the market, RealTruck is it.

The company is continuously developing, designing, manufacturing, and selling industry-geared products with the customer’s needs in mind. In fact, RealTruck powerhouse product brands are
first-and-second in the United States market share in all of the key categories.

With an all-inclusive omni-channel that incorporates over 12,000 dealer locations and automotive (OEM) partnerships, or the Truck Hero Pro Channel allows the company to service consumers no matter where they are located. The company’s strategic emphasis is to deliver a flawless customer experience from conception to formation.

The RealTruck inspiration is "to be the unequaled leader in revamping trucks into a more functional and aesthetic vehicle.” RealTruck AMP Research PowerStep, and its additional truck accessories, is an attested company that stands by the products they produce. So, if you looking for the best in automotive
accessories you know where to go. Browse the website where you'll find a host of products and more interesting content.