Official AMP Research

Official AMP Research

If it doesn't say AMP Research, it isn't !

AMP Research is the inventor and manufacturer of the original patented AMP Research Power Step, the AMP Research Bed Step and the AMP Research Bed Extender. Our innovation in the automotive industry has led us to be the standard for numerous automotive manufactures that license our technology, including Cadillac, GM, Ford and Dodge.

If it's not AMP Research, It's not an Original.

Official AMP Research AMP American Made Products

Made in the USA

AMP Research products are designed, engineered and manufactured exclusively in the USA and is backed by an industry leading 5 year / 60,000 mile warranty.


High strength, U.S. certified aluminum alloy is used to manufacture our die cast linkage components and then anodized and Teflon coatings are applied to a military specification to resist corrosion. Precision fit, zero maintenance stainless steel pivot pins rotate on self lubricating composite bushings. Components are subjected to and pass a battery of environmental and durability tests including brutal 1000 hour salt spray tests.


Covered by 16 patents, the AMP Research PowerStep features weatherproof OEM quality motors, wiring harness and sealed connectors. The AMP designed electronic controller employs pressure sensitive, pinch proof safety technology.

Each PowerStep kit includes two full length running boards assemblies for both driver and passenger sides, two electric motors, electronic controller, wiring harness, all necessary mounting hardware and an integrated, low profile, LED light system, all standard.

Proven to Preform

The AMP Research PowerStep has been tested and proven in long term, real world, driving conditions performing flawlessly in snow, ice, dust, mud and dirt. The lightweight, yet rock solid running board and rugged die cast linkage components are crafted in the USA of aircraft quality aluminum, black anodized and Teflon coated for maximum corrosion protection. Precision, stainless steel hinge points and bearings ensure trouble free action. And the heavy duty electric motor is designed and tested to provide reliable, maintenance free operation for decades.

AMP Research Product Testing

Painted Parts Testing

  1. Film Hardness Test
  2. Impact Resistance Test
  3. Chipping Resistance Characteristics
  4. Adhesion Test
  5. Humidity Resistance Test
  6. Corrosion Resistance Test
  7. Scab Corrosion Test
  8. Filiform Corrosion Test
  9. Acid Resistance Test
  10. Alakai Resistance Test
  11. Gasoline Resistance Test
  12. Engine Oil Resistance Test
  13. Windshield Washer Fluid Resistance Test
  14. Rust Preventative Wax Resistance Test
  15. Antifreeze Resistance Test
  16. Thermal Cycle Test
  17. Xenon Weather o meter
  18. Resistance to Warm Waste

Hardware Parts Testing

  1. Salt Spray Testing Plastic Parts Testing
  2. Thermal Cycle Test
  3. Chemical Resistance Test
  4. Weather ability and Light Resistance Test
  5. Salt Spray Test
  6. Moisture Resistance for Plastic Parts
  7. Falling Ball Impact Test
  8. Scratching Resistance Test
  9. Step Pad Extraction Force

Assembly Testing

  1. Durability Vibration Resistance
  2. Durability Cyclic strength
  3. Vehicle Car Wash
  4. Stiffness
  5. Strength
  6. Road Load Durability
  7. Vehicle road interference evaluation
  8. High cycle fatigue testing

AMP Research Tech Support

The people who design, engineer, and manufacture the AMP Research PowerStep are in the same building as the people that support it. The AMP Research customer service team has over fifteen years of combined experience. Only AMP Research has this depth of resource committed to customer service. The right answers, the right parts, delivered correctly the first time.

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