Toyota | Tundra | Double Cab | 2007 - 2021

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Each Kit Includes, 2 Two complete Running Boards with Motors, 4 Linkages Arms, OEM Wiring Harness, Control Module, LED Light Kit and all Mounting Hardware. Optional Stainless Steel Trim is available.

This PowerStep connects to your door "Open/Close" sensors.

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Toyota | Tundra | Double Cab | 2007 - 2021
Toyota | Tundra | Double Cab | 2007 - 2021
Toyota | Tundra | Double Cab | 2007 - 2021
Toyota | Tundra | Double Cab | 2007 - 2021
Toyota | Tundra | Double Cab | 2007 - 2021
Toyota | Tundra | Double Cab | 2007 - 2021
Toyota | Tundra | Double Cab | 2007 - 2021
Toyota | Tundra | Double Cab | 2007 - 2021
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Install Manual  The Amp Research Power Step Installation Guide.

Warranty The Amp Research Power Step is covered by a limited 5 Year warranty.

Drop Down The distance from the interior floor board to the top of the deployed step is approx. 12 inches.

Kit Includes Each kit includes a AMP Research LED light kit, two running boards assemblies with wire harness, electronic controller, mounting hardware and detailed installation guide.

Made in USA, the AMP Research Power Step is backed by a 5 Year, 60,000 mile warranty.

The Amp Research Power Step

The Automatic Deployable Amp Research Boards are engaged once you open the any door of your truck or SUV. Powered by two independent motors, the Amp Steps get their signal from the door looking mechanism and works in a split second to produce a step that's fast and study. After numerous studies of different people's weights and heights, these steps offer the perfect solution for getting into your vehicle without the sacrifice of changing the way your vehicles exterior looks. All internal and external components are made to Original Equipment Manufacturers specs, OEM guidelines and are tested to withstand the elements of rain, snow, mud, heat and even for those colder climates that use salt on the roadways. The weight capacity per side is rated at 600lbs pounds and each steps measure an impressive 79 inches in length and 6.2 inches in width.

Here are some of the AMP Research Power Step features:

  • Deploys instantly and effortless when any door is opened.
  • On most models, the Power Step tucks completely underneath the vehicle or retracts flush against the vehicles body.
  • Will not retract when doors are ajar.
  • Rated weight capacity is 600lbs per steps.
  • Motors are weatherproof and are incased on a protective housing.
  • Operating temperatures are rated at a maximum of 200 degrees and a minimum of  negative 40 degrees.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing is a term used in the automotive industry to describe the quality of the automotive parts. The Power step incorporates these standards.
  • Every Nut, Bolt, Zip Tie, and Wire Taps is included in each package. All you need is your own tools.
  • The All New Power step now includes the LED light kit and the new reinforced Running Board.

The Amp Research Power Step is made in the United States and employees American workers in every aspect of production. When it comes to American bases products, rest assured that Amp Research is leading the industry on products made of quality materials. You'll be so impressed with this product. AMP Research spares no expense, even the boxes that AMP Research ships their products in are made here in the USA.

Product Reviews

"Toyota Tundra Double Cab 2013 Power Step"

Kenneth Stevenson on 5/7/2014 11:47:46 AM

Review: Very complete instructions. I was surprised that I was required to cut 15inch off of the floorboards. The pictures of some of the electrical plugs were inconsistent with written instructions.

"AMP Research BedStep"

Roger Dlyn on 12/5/2012 10:46:05 AM

Review: We received the steps yesterday and they were installed today. They are just what I needed, I have had back surgery and I have a bad leg also, but with the electricstep I can now get in and out of my truck with out any problems! I love em! Thanks for making my life a lot less painful.

"Tundra Truck Owner"

Terry Parham on 7/27/2012 5:47:07 AM

Review: The Amp Power Step and lifting mechanisms are very high quality. Instructions for installation were very detailed and easy to follow. Problems I experienced include the plastic piece inside one of the end caps stripped out and I won't be surprised if the end cap ultimately falls off. Also one of the LED step lights failed to light, not yet sure if it’s a wiring issue or the LED is bad. Instructions state 3 to 5 hours for installation, I would put it more at 5 to 7 hours for a factory looking ins... More details


John Pilcher on 7/13/2012 6:18:19 AM

Review: This was an easy setup, instructions were super easy to follow. It looks great and all that good stuff.