Amp Research PowerStep XL

Amp Research PowerStep XL

AMP Research PowerStep XL

Keeping up with their well-deserved impeccable reputation, AMP Research has created a new version of the PowerStep, the AMP Research PowerStep XL. Designed with all the real-world conditions in mind, the AMP Research PowerStep XL performs flawlessly in any climate. Built with rock solid running board and sturdy die-cast linkage mechanisms, this new version of the classic PowerStep makes accessing lifted trucks a breeze. Being the personification of aftermarket accessory innovation in the automotive industry, AMP Research has once again managed to outdo themselves.

The PowerStep XL is a natural step in cutting edge design

Struggling to get in and out of your lifted truck shouldn’t be part of owning such a robust vehicle. You need assistance with something that can help you manage the task that provides superb performance and flawless precision. The AMP Research PowerStep XL is it! This automatic electric powered running board is specifically manufactured for lifted trucks. The XL has been incorporated into a bespoke rocker rail, that produces a uniform appearance and imparts a three-inch lower berth for easier maneuvering when stepping in and out of your truck. In addition, the three-inch drop provides extra strength when the PowerSteps are withdrawn. 

The PowerStep XL has fantastic gizmos like hassle free plug-and-play wiring. By simply linking the boards and plugging the wiring harness into your truck’s OBDII port, you are ready to go! Yes, the PowerStep XL still retracts like nobody’s business and hides away tidily along your truck’s rocker panels. Add in a prestigious award for Best New Exterior Accessory (at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas 2014), and you get the ideal of the type of quality and functionality you can expect from the PowerStep XL model. Oh yeah, these babies are designed, engineered, and constructed in the United States and backed by a five year/60,000 mile limited warranty. You can’t get any better than this!

Key Features Of The AMP Research PowerStep XL Part I

  • Produced from hard wearing 6063 Marine grade aluminum
  • Offers a three-inch lower surface for stepping than the initial PowerStep
  • Low-profile integrated LED light system
  • Automatic power functioning running boards-rail designed from three-millimeter thick-temperate steel
  • Glazed in a smart wrinkle black finish
  • Die-cast aluminum-alloy parts with an anodized and PTFE coat
  • Precision stainless steel pivot pins for unwavering steadiness
  • Fully welded integrated bracket operation that holds up to 600 lbs
  • Weather resistant, OEM quality electronic motors, wiring harness, and drive system
  • No hassle maintenance, self-lubricating bushings for tough terrain and climates
  • Ideal for lifted trucks
  • Automatic lowering mechanism for easy exiting and entering

Dynamic Key Features Explained Part II

Additional Suitability and Safeguards

The AMP Research PowerStep XL makes entering and exiting vehicles effortless. The running boards extend on cue when your vehicle door opens and goes into hiding when the door is closed. This utility assists with decreasing air resistance and ameliorates fuel consumption. When closed, the incorporated rock-rails safeguard’s your vehicle from severe terrain and climes. The AMP Research PowerStep XL is the ultimate solution for lifted trucks for easy entrance and exiting.

State-of-the-Art Engineering

The PowerStep XL is robust and designed to withstand intense heat, extreme cold, and dampness, and establishes an unwavering commitment to performance in every environment imaginable. Due to dynamic coating with black anodized PTFE Teflon, the PowerStep XL design looks stylish and au courant, topped with a super resilient surface. AMP Research constructed the PowerStep XL with the best materials such as high-grade 6063 Marine grade aluminum, die-cast component linkages, and stainless steel hinge points and bearings that do not skimp on functionality providing a supreme performance. LED lighting provides additional safety.

Cross-Country Ruggedness

Heavy-duty motors utilized in the PowerStep XL can stand the test of time. They have earned their reputation as tough and roadworthy in the most stringent conditions. In addition, AMP Research has made sure that installation is simpler with innovative plug-and-play components including an OBDII wire harness.

The Tests Prove It

You don’t have to be concerned about your AMP Research PowerStep XL disappointing you in extreme weather conditions whether you are faced with intense heat or the bitter cold. Your running boards are built to withstand the most unbearable conditions, even if you can’t! Invulnerable against the whims of nature, the anti-pinch technology of the XL running boards are designed with your safety in mind. Functioning on the same level as a smart-phone or smart TV, if the PowerStep XL senses any resistivity when withdrawing, they modify themselves and will lower again in order to allow the blockage to be abstracted. What’s more, the PowerStep XL extends in less than a second. Now that’s what you call speedy service!

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